Cross Country Team results

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SEAA Championships 31st January 2016

Excellent results at the Southern championships.  Well done all runners.  Full results are here 

Cambridgeshire Championships 2016

Superb team and individual results again this year.  Full results are here


Ryston GP 6 March 2015

Cool, bright, ideal conditions in Shouldham forest for the last race of the cross-country season, and the finale of the Ryston Grand Prix with tea, cake and prizes in the village hall. On the day, newcomer Michael Brentnall completed the series in style with a VM 60 fifth place, two ahead of Ryston stalwart Glyn Smith, just beginning to throttle back up from injury. Charlie Ritchie finally got a first with the VM55s, and Ghazal Seidi was a comfortable fourth in the under 15 girls. That made for a very impressive debut for Ghazal who gained the bronze overall in the series. Despite nursing hamstring damage from the first race, Ryston veteran David Pettit still added to his collection with silver in the V45s, while Charlie Ritchie did the same in the V55s. The Ryston series is a beautifully set and organised XC tournament with something to offer juniors, seniors and inbetweeners; worth finding time in your crowded calendar to try it out once. And if you do one distance, you will want to try all three. 

U15G 3K  1st 11:48  8 finishers (17:00)

4th Ghazal Seidi  13:10

V55 6.5K  1st 26:04  6 finishers (38:02)

1st Charlie Ritchie  26:04

V60 6.5K  1st 27:28  15 finishers (64:08)

4th Michael Brentnall  28:38

7th Glyn Smith  30:50 (V65)




IAAF Cross Country Permit (incl. Home Counties International) - Saturday 14th March, 2015

Two of our junior men were representing South of England in the Home Counties International in Antrim, Northern Ireland.

U20M  1st 22:15  26 finishers (25:18)

3rd Kieran Wood 22:46

17th Ross Tennant 23:44


British Masters Cross Country Championships - Saturday 14th March, 2015

This year it was good to see a few more of the senior cross country devotees supporting this National veterans (35+) event. Following a day of typicalily Welsh wet weather the athletes & host (Prestatyn R.C.) were lucky to have a dry day with sunny spells at Ruthin, North Wales. Hope to see more C&C representatives out there next year. 

Men 35-64  8K  1st 28:58  142 finishers

7th Sullivan Smith 29:55 (4th V35) (representing Swansea Harriers)

123rd Gerald Meah 40:57 (26th V55)


Men 65+  6K  1st 25:27  50 finishers (57:31)

21st Glyn Smith  30:53


Women  35+  6K 1st 22:52  88 finishers (41:37)

52nd Helen Grant  28:56 (8th FV50)

72nd Diana Braverman  32:20 (6th FV60)



CAU Intercounties Cross Country Championships - Saturday 7th March, 2015

Held at Cofton Park, Birmingham. Athlete of the day goes to David Dow for finishing 3rd in the U13 boys race with 300 finishers. Many thanks go to Ric Park for managing the County Team throughout the 2014-15 season.

Senior Men  12K  1st 34:26  283 finishers (47:30)

95th Kieran Wood  38:10

150th Oliver Park  39:27

211st Alastair Hodges 41:00


Senior Women 8K  1st 25:07  275 finishers (44:22)

49th Katy Hedgethorne 27:52

58th Claire Somerton  28:09

109th Natalie Griffiths  29:09

124th Beatrice Fitzsimons 29:29

191st Carrie Bedingfield 31:03


U20M 8K  1st 23:07  184 finishers (36:29)

24th Ross Tennant 24:34 (representing Suffolk)


U17M 6K  1st 18:35  274 finishers (28:14)

83rd Jordan Wood  21:20

140th Robert Huckle  21:54


U17W  5K  1st 20:17  273 finishers (32:59)

55th Alice Newcombe 22:30

103rd Diana Chalmers 23:28

132nd Belinda Dow 23:59

150th Hannah Hall  24:25

109th Emma Schaertlin-Coffey 25:21


U15B  4.5K  1st 16:58  301 finishers (23:39)

82nd Oliver Sewell 18:44

149th Jamie Sales 19:17

214th Thomas Keen 19:52


U15G  4K  1st 17:47  289 finishers (30:19)

167th Masie Pritchard  21:21

173rd Annie Quantrill 21:24

174th Kathryn Bell 21:25

227th Jasmine Rapley 22:20

275th Sarah Brunton 24:03


U13B  3K  1st 11:48  300 finishers (15:37)

***** 3rd David Dow  12:01 *****

155th Max Godfrey 13:23  (representing Essex)

168th Adam Lightfoot  13:29

239th Hugh Dow 13:59

267th Thomas Bridger 14:23


U13G  3K  1st 12:25  305 finishers (17:35)

105th Eleanor Macintosh 14:17

114th Helena Dyce 14:22 (representing Essex)

184th Frances Haines 14:46

240th Beth Wilson 15:09

301st Bella Hall 16:52





Frostbite League Race 6 - Sunday 1st March, 2015

The results from the final race hosted by BRJ at Hinchingbrooke School:




English National Cross Country Championships - Saturday 21st February, 2015

Held at Parliament Hill, North London.

Senior Men 12K  

C & C 29th team of 145 teams of 6

C & C 32nd team of 74 teams of 9

1st 39:12  2005 finishers (1:49:46)

180th Oliver Park 44:51

201st Mike Salt 45:12 (V40)

204th James Chettle 45:15

278th Alistair Hodges 46:33

329th Istvan Jacso 47:19

526th Alex Eggeman 49:40

1034th Graeme Kennedy 55:40

1311th Ben Chamberlain 58:19

1394th Ian Richardson 59:23 (V50)

1395th Christof Schwiening 59:23 (V40)

1436th Stewart Bond 1:00:00 


Senior Women 8K

C & C 11th team of 93 teams of 4

1st 30:07   865 finishers (1:31:11)

67th Claire Somerton 34:33

73rd Katy Hedgethorne 34:40

92nd Natalie Griffiths 35:21

253rd Jo Eggeman 39:37

529th Rachael Leah  45:22

655th Diana Braverman 49:01 (V60)


Junior Men (U20) 10K

1st 33:26   190 finishers (1:01:39)

41st Kieran Wood  36:44

177th Max Schwiening 45:42


Junior Women (U20) 6K

1st 22:48  130 finishers (40:28)

32nd Beatrice Fitzsimons  25:47

58th Hollie Parker  27:16


U17 Men  6K  

C & C 7th team of 22 teams of 4

1st 20:00  280 finishers (33:05)

43rd Robert Huckle 22:15

73rd Ashley Brown  22:57

99th Jordan Wood  23:22

143rd Harry Topham 24:09


U17 Women  5K

C & C 5th team of 17 teams of 4

1st 18:22  235 finishers (37:04)

63rd Belinda Dow 22:03

70th Alice Newcombe 22:21

71st Emma Schaertlin-Coffey 22:23

113rd Diana Chalmers 23:17

128th Hannah Hall 23:54

172nd Melissa Dix 25:07

306th Ghazal Seidi 20:44


U15 Boys 4.5K

1st 15:48  371 finishers (27:09)

220th Oliver Newman 19:00

324th Daniel Kerwin 20:42


U15 Girls 4K

1st 14:41   379 finishers (25:22)

178th Jasmine Rapley 18:27


U13 Boys 3K

C & C 14th team of 42 teams of 4

1st 11:49  395 finishers (26:58)

6th David Dow  12:12

79th Max Godfrey 13:31

197th George Whisken 14:21

212nd Thomas Blake 14:29

262nd Joseph Boneham  14:55

306th William Newcombe  15:24


U13 Girls 3K 

1st 12:32  433 finishers (21:32)

104th Eleanor Macinstosh 14:21

108th Helena Dyce  14:23






Ryston Grand Prix Race 5 - Sunday 15th February, 2015

Just three regulars this month for the second attempt at the two lap 9K hilly course at Shouldham Warren. The final race of the series will be a one lap 6.5K on Sunday 22nd March. The awards for the season will be presented afterwards. Refreshments available. 

V55 Men  5 finishers  1st 37:30

2nd Gerald Meah  38:41

V60 Men  7 finishers  1st 38:04

2nd Michael Brentnall  39:41

3rd Glyn Smith  43:03  (V65)




Frostbite League Race 5 - Sunday 1st February, 2015

The results from the race hosted by Bourne Town Harriers at Bourne Woods, Lincs:




Essex League Race 5 - Saturday 31st January, 2015 

Reports by Ric Park from the final race of the season at Abbey Fields, Colchester:

Race Report:

Eleanor took 2nd and therefore 3rd overall, with Tilly also running they managed to take the U13 girls team prize.

David took another victory to win overall with Max 5th, Thomas and Hugh battling to the line to take 12th and 13th. George took 20th, with Joseph and William battling it out for 25th and 26th, Jake 31st and Joseph 40th. The boys had already secured the U13 team title last time out at Epping Forest.

Annie took 3rd with Jasmine and Ruby taking their highest placed finishes of the U15 league this season.

Ollie Sewell returned to take his 3rd win of the season, which meant Jamie then took the individual win. Thomas took 5th deciding that taking it easy was not an option as he battled Ollie Newman who finished just behind in 6th. With Josh they ensued the U15 Boys kept the team title they won last year.

Bea took an impressive second victory in the U20 to claim the overall win. The only person able to live with the pace was Belinda who took a clear 2nd and first U17. Emma took the overall U17 win. Mia completed the team and meant the girls took the U17/20 team prize.

Rob had to work hard to take victory - his 3rd and the overall win in the U17. Jordan took 3rd and Alex 19th.

Claire won the senior women and over took Natalie to win the overall title with Natalie also on the podium. Jo was the only other senior women running and finished 20th.

In the men's race Sullivan had to work hard but took his 4th victory and the overall win. Tim finished 8th which secured his overall win in the U20. Istvan, Alex, Iain, Curtis, Graeme, Ben, Gerald, Charlie, Derek, Durward and Mark all braved the heavy snowfall to run in the senior men's race. It was also great to see Alan Huckle back running.

Many thanks go to Ric Park for managing the teams for this league throughout the season. Come back next year to retain the titles and more.



U13G 5th team of 10 teams but C&C incomplete

U13B 1st  team of 13 teams

U15G 3rd team of 10 teams but C&C incomplete

U15B Joint 1st team of 10 teams

U17/20W 1st team of 6 teams

U17M 3rd team of 10 teams but C&C incomplete

SW (incl. vets) 11th team of 17 teams but C&C incomplete

SM (incl. vets) 3rd team of 18 teams

Men's Vets. (40+) 10th team of 17 teams but C&C incomplete



U13G  33 finishers 1st 10:33

2nd Eleanor Macintosh 10:41

13th Tilly Borrett 11:20

U13B  44 finishers 1st 9:09

1st David Dow 9:09

5th Max Godfrey 9:43

12th Tommy Bridger 10:00

13th Hugh Dpw 10:02

20th George Whisken 10:13

25th Joseph Boneham 10:25

26th William Newcombe 10:29

31st Jake Borrett 10:39

40th Joseph Wheeler 11:33

U15G  24 finishers 1st 15:17

3rd Annie Quantrill 15:57

12th Jasmine Rapley 17:26

15th Ruby Buchan 17:37

U15B  22 finishers  1st 13:22

1st Oliver Sewell 13:22

5th Thomas Keen 14:03

6th Oliver Newman 14:11

16th Josh Borrett 14:53

U17/20W  15 finishers  1st 22:09

1st Beatrice Fitzsimons 20:09

2nd Belinda Dow  20:31 (1st U17)

6th Emma Schaertlin-Coffey 21:43 (3rd U17)

8th Mia Pesci  22:27 (U17)

U17M  21 finishers  1st 18:35

1st Rob Huckle  18:35

3rd Jordan Wood  19:19

19th Alex Lione 22:45

Senior Women (incl. vets) 70 finishers  1st 20:15

1st Claire Somerton 20:15

20th Jo Eggeman 23:27

Senior Men (incl. vets) 133 finishers  1st 26:51

1st Sullivan Smith 26:51

8th Tim Cobden 28:08 (1st U20)

21st Istvan Jacso 29:22

23rd Alex Eggeman 29:37

39th Iain Wood  30:57

40th Curtis Wood 31:05 (U20)

43rd Graeme Kennedy  31:08

51st Durward Whitehead  31:44

53rd Mark Crook  31:47

81st Charlie Ritchie 33:57 (V50)

82nd Derek Hatley 33:58

99th Ben Chamberlain 36:18

103th Alan Huckle 36:52 (V50)

104th Gerald Meah 36:56 (V50)



South of England XC Championships - Saturday 24th January, 2015

Very well done to all those who made the effort to take part in this event at Stanmer Park, Brighton.   There are a lot of illnesses going around so you did well to stay healty enough to get to the start line. The performance of the day went to young David Dow who finished an impressive 2nd of 227 finishers in the U13B race. Katy Hedgethorne finished 18th in the senior women, Sullivan 32nd in the senior men & Beatrice Fitzsimons 13th in the U20W. Many thanks to Ric for managing the teams.


Senior Men (15K) 857 finishers  1st 50:51

31st team of 55

32nd Sullivan Smith  53:24 (V35) for Swansea Harriers

222nd Alex Eggeman  60:12 (V35) 

305th Charlie Wartnaby  62:50 (V45)

311th Iain Wood 63:03 

330th Ric Park 63:31

414th Graeme Kennedy 65:56 (V35)

547th Ian Richardson 70:11 (V50)

588th Stewart Bond 71:43

620th Ben Chamberlain 72:42

638th Charlie Ritchie  73:38 (V55)


Senior Women (8K)  352 finishers  1st 29:22

***** 8th team of 37 *****

18th Katy Hedgethorne  31:55

32nd Claire Somerton 32:46

108th Jo Eggeman 36:52

148th Harriet Woolley 38:36


U20W (6K)  51 finishers  1st 23:05

13th Beatrice Fitzsimons 25:03


U17M (6K)  156 finishers  1st 20:14

35th Rob Huckle  22:12

64th Harry Topham 22:57

77th Jordan Wood  23:19


U17W (5K)  146 finishers  1st 29:22

31st Belinda Dow  19:37

74th Diana Chalmers  21:01


U15B  (4.5K)  233 finishers 1st 15:04

12th team of 34

35th Oliver Sewell  16:02

37th Daniel Arbide  16:04

84th Thomas Keen 16:54

141st Oliver Newman  17:46


U15G (4K)  235 finishers 1st 14:01

116th Kathryn Bell  16:54


U13B (3K)  227 finishers  1st 10:19

13th team of 25

***** 2nd David Dow  10:22  *****

41st Max Godfrey 11:11

111th George Whisken  11:46

181st William Newcombe  12:33


U13G (3K)  247 finishers  1st 11:14

50th Eleanor Macinstosh 12:09








Ryston Grand Prix Race 4 - Sunday 18th January, 2015

Race report by Charlie Ritchie:

A beautiful frosty day with dazzling sun and a very firm surface in the lovely woods of Shouldham Warren for the second 5K run of the season. Injuries and other XC events made for a depleted but lively C&C presence. The under 15 girls took full advantage of the brisk conditions: Ghazal Seidi grabbing bronze and Vicky Ewers and Polly Allburn coming sixth and seventh respectively. For the VM55 Charlie Ritchie was second, and relative newbie Michael Brentnall just outside the prizes with a great 4th in the VM60. Barbara Hughes did the honours in the same position for the FV50, and  Becky Wilburn hit the line in particularly determined fashion as fifth VFV40. Well done to the ladies for keeping the blue and white shining in the Ryston sun on a delightful day’s running.


British Athletics Cross Challenge - Sunday 18th January, 2015

David Dow & Helena Dyce put in excellent performances in the seconr race in this National Challenge in Cardiff.

U13B  75 finishers  1st 10:20

2nd David Dow 10:24

U13G 105 finishers 1st 11:34

4th Helena Dyce 11:42



Frostbite League Race 4 - Sunday 11th January, 2015

The results for the race at Whitemoor Prison, March:




Essex League Race 4 - Saturday 10th January, 2015

A successful day out on a wet & muddy Chingford Plain for the juniors & Epping Forest for the seniors. The third of three wins for Sullivan, a win for Claire in the senior women & Beatrice in the U120/17 races. Second places in their age groups for Frances Haines (U13) and Emma S-C (U17) & third places for Jamie Sales (U15) & Miles Benyan (U11G/B). Many of the older juniors took a break from racing this weekend but today's results still ensure the following teams lead the overall league tables: U13G, U13B, U15B & U17/20W. Second for the senior women & all the others in the top five apart from the veteran men. We have plenty of speedy men over 40 - join us for the last race to help the usual XC devotees out. Many thanks to Ric Park for his continual commitment to managing the teams on the day.


U13G  7th team of 9 teams but C&C incomplete

U13B  2nd team of 13 teams

U15G  9th team of 10 teams but C&C incomplete

U15B  4th team of 10 teams

U17/20W 2nd  team of 9 teams

U17M  12th team of 13 teams but C&C incomplete

SW 3rd team of 17 teams

SM 9th team of 17 teams


Senior Women 84 finishers 1st 28:17

1st Claire Somerton 28:17

8th Natalie Griffiths 30:24

17th Carrie Bedingfield 32:21 (FV35)

26th Emma Buckland 33:50 (FV35)

Senior Men 151 finishers 1st 27:17

1st Sullivan Smith  27:17

9th Oliver Park  29:10

10th Alistair Hodges 29:43

19th Istvan Jacso  30:27

39th Richard Park 32:19

41st Iain Wood 32:23

59th Ben Jones  34:06

63rd Durward Whitehead 34:34

64th Charlie Wartnaby 34:35 (V40)

67th Graeme Kennedy 34:57

93rd Derek Hartley 37:12

96th Charlie Ritchie 38:04 (V50)

104th Stewart Bond  39:06

112th Ben Chamberlain 39:57

124th Bernard Shannon 41:16 (V40)

U11G/B  40 finishers  1st 5:03

3rd Miles Benyan 5:17

6th Jake Borrett 5:25

36th Charlotte Bridger 7:43

U13G  33 finishers 1st 12:37

2nd Frances Haines 12:37

15th Tilly Borrett 14:15

U13B  52 finishers 1st 11:38

2nd Max Godfrey 11:51

11th Timothy Bridger 12:31

14th Joseph Boneham 12:39

25th Sam Mayers 13:04

28th Thomas Blake 13:12

46th Joseph Wheeler 13:55

U15G  24 finishers 1st 16:01

15th Ruby Buchan 20:08

U15B  28 finishers 1st 14:55

3rd Jamie Sales 15:29

9th Rob Anderson 16:03

11th Josh Borrett 16:14 

U17/20W  18 finishers 1st 18:51

1st Beatrice Fitzsimons 18:51 (1st U20)

7th Emma Schaertlin-Cofey 20:31 (2nd U17)

16th Mia Pesci 22:48 (U17)

U17M  28 finishers 1st 26:10

23rd Alex Lione 31:02



Cambridgeshire County Cross Country Championships - Sunday 4th January, 2015

A fantastic start to the year for C&C at Priory Park, St. Neots. Very well done to all those that ran and congratulations to all those that went home with individual &/or team medals. Many thanks go to the coaches, parents & hardy supporters. 



Essex County Cross Country Championships - Saturday 3rd January, 2015

Two great performances by our youngsters. Helena Dyce finished first of 39 finishers in the U13G and Max Godfrey third of 49 finishers in the U13B. This secures places for them to represent Essex in the CAU Inter-counties XC Championships in March. Well done to both and their C&C club coaches. 


SPAR European Cross Country Championships - Sunday 14th December, 2014

Following a fine performance in the trials last month, Kieran was selected to represent GB in the Junior Mens Team (U20) at this event in Samokov, Bulgaria. On his second International outing he finished a solid third scorer for the GB team within a minute of the winning time, Way to to Kieran. Keep up the good work & teamates - be inspired. 

Junior Men (U20)  94 finishers  1st 20:07

23rd Kieran Wood  21:04 (3rd GB)



Frostbite League Race 3 - Sunday 14th December, 2014

A better turnout for the seniors this month at Hinchingbroooke Park. Mike Salt finished 3rd bring the team home in 4th. Some of the Ryston GP devotees supported this event this month which helped. Only three juniors ran which was probably to be expected now the schools cross country programme has started and they could be racing every week. Both teams currently stand 11th in the overall league table. A better turnnout is required in the new year races to finish any higher. Next race is the flat fast course at Whitemoor Prison, March on Sunday 11th January. Put that date in your diary now. 

Seniors 4th of 16 teams

Juniors 13th of 15 teams




Ryston Grand Prix Race 3 - Sunday 14th December, 2014

David, Mary, Becky, Paula & the U15 girls were back in action at Shouldham Warren. David continued to show his recent good form by finishing second in his age group over the two lap 6.5K course. It was good to see Hollie Parker beginner her cross country season with a solid second place finish in the senior women's race. I believe this is the first time she has run the senior distance at Ryston. Also starting their season were Jane & Michael. The next race is a repeat of the 5K course on Sunday 18th January. The more the merrier. 

U15G  3K  7 finishers  1st 12:29

2nd Ghazal Seidi  13:02

6th Polly Allburn  14:05

MV45  6.5K  17 finishers  1st 23:22

2nd David Pettitt 24:48

MV60  6.5K  7 finishers  1st 26:30

4th Michael Brentnall 29:26

SW  9K  11 finishers  1st 25:15

2nd Hollie Parker 25:32

FV40  6.5K  6 finishers  1st 25:35

5th Becky Willburn  35:41

FV45  6.5K  10 finishers  1st 29:30

3rd Paula Kessler  30:16

6th Jane Packman  33:30

FV55  6.5K  11 finishers  1st 30:50

7th Mary Holmes 36:59  (1st FV75)



South of England Intercounty Cross Country Championships - Saturday 13th December, 2014

Ric Park very kindly managed a select number of teams representing Cambridgeshire at this event at Horspath, Oxon. The older juniors gave this a miss as they have a busy race schedule ahead of them. Below are the C&C finishers. The athlete of the day was David Dow, finishing a fine third in his age group and only 6 seconds behind the winner. Eleanor & Helena and Jamie & Thomas continue to show how friendly team rivalry spurs them on to greater heights. Although on this occasion Helena was representing Essex. Very well done to all those who made the effort to go to Oxford to support this fixture. And Ric for volunteering countless hours of his time to to the club & county to make this happen. 

U13B   87 finishers  1st 10:09

3rd David Dow  10:15

61st Geroge Whisken 11:28

U13G  92 finishers  1st 10:55

17th Eleanor Macintosh  11:32

18th Helena Dyce  11:32 (rep. Essex)

64th Frances Haines  12:17

84th Beth Wilson  12:56

88th Tilly Borrett  13:18

U15B   85 finishers  1st 14:49

28th Jamie Sales  16:04

29th Thomas Keen 16:05

63rd Oliver Newman 16:47

82nd Joshua Borrett 17:37

U15G   88 finishers 1st 16:01

51st Kathryn Bell  18:25

58th Annie Quantrtill 18:45





Essex League Race 3 - Saturday 6th December, 2014

Report by team manager Ric Park:

Another glorious day at Great Notley, Essex - and that was just the weather.

6 individual wins out of 10 races (further victory in the U11 isn't confirmed) and 5 team wins meant it was another successful day.

It was the senior women though who stole the show, 9 in total out racing taking overall team victory and second in the vets team standings. They were led from start to finish by Carla who took a dominant victory and even out sprinted some of the U17 boys. Following behind Natalie came 3rd, Claire 4th, Carrie 12th, Jo 22nd, Emma 25th, Stef 29th, Stacy 41st and Ali 47th. A great performance all inside the top 50 with 87 in the race.

They then stayed to cheer on the 16 senior men. Sullivan took his second victory of the season behind him inter club battles were taking place Oli finishing 10th pulling away from Tim in 12th in the final stages. Ali Hodges proved that when fit he can certainly run over the country finishing an impressive 23rd, Istvan close behind in 28th who in turn was just ahead of Alex 34th and the fast finishing Craig 35th and Ric 37th. Iain and Curtis continued to rise through the standings finishing 47th and 53rd. Durward 88th and the return of Fergie in 108th pipped by Charlie in 107th, Kris 134th and Glynn 139th. Great to see so many seniors out racing.

The Juniors provided some thrilling racing.

In the U13 Girls Helena decided that if she felt under the weather then she was going to dish out some punishment to the others pushing the pace at the front from the start. 4 were together going up the final hill Eleanor kicking off the top to take 2nd and Helena 4th. Frances taking a great 5th, Beth returned to take 14th, Tilly 17th and Sophie 23rd to take team victory.

David took another victory in the U13 boys, the pack behind however was full of young runners from the club. Max took an impressive 3rd with George returning to form in 8th closely followed by Thomas in 9th. Sam 17th, Hugh 19th, Angus 32nd, Will 40th and Liam 47th. All 9 have improved this season with many in their first year of competition. To have 4 runners in the top 10 bodes well for the future.

In the U15 girls Annie went with the leading group just losing touch in the last km before flying off the top of the hill to close the gap back finishing 6th. Kathryn with her lovely running style (genetic apparently) was in control throughout moving through the field to finish 7th. Jasmine 22nd, Ghazal 28th, Ruby 30th and Rebecca 34th the team finishing 3rd.

The U15 boys provided the race of the day. Like the U13 girls 4 were in contention going up the final hill. Jamie flew off the top and used his speed to great effect on the run in to storm through to take his first victory although I'm sure there will be more in the future. Thomas wasn't far behind in 3rd with Ollie taking 10th, Robert 14th and Josh 23rd. A great team performance taking the win without Ollie Sewell. A quick glance on the individual positions shows Ollie Sewell 1st, Jamie 2nd and Thomas 3rd. A great group of boys.

In the U17/U20 women saw our strongest team out to date and they took the team victory. Alice lead the way finishing 2nd and 1st U17. She looked strong and controlled throughout. Bea 5th, Belinda 9th and Diana 10th meant another 4 in the top 10. Emma 17th and Mia 23rd completed the full team.

A man in complete control took victory in the U17s. Rob showed a touch of class, always in control, pushing when he needed to and gaining revenge over the boy who beat him in the first match at One Tree Hill. He can go into the new year full of confidence as can Jordan who looked good coming through the field to finish 7th. Jordan can look forward to the counties at St Neots where he took victory last year.

A successful day, showing great strength in depth. Despite a number of athletes missing through illness and injury the club were still able to take both individual and team victories. 



U13G  1st team of 13 teams

U13B 1st team of 14 teams

U15G 3rd team of 9 teams

U15B 1st team of 14 teams

U17/20W 1st team of 12 teams

U17M 7th team of 14 but C&C incomplete

SW 1st team of 19 teams

VM 2nd team of 18 teams

SM 2nd team of 19 teams

VM 7th team of 18 teams


Senior Women  87 finishers  1st 20:01

1st Carla Brown 20:01

3rd Natalie Griffiths 20:41

4th Claire Somerton  20:49

12th Carrie Bedingfield 22:55 (FV35)

22nd Jo Eggeman 23:34

25th Emma Buckland  23:59 (FV35)

29th Stef Godfrey  24:14 (FV45)

44th Stacy Wheat  26:10

47th Ali Wlison  27:07  (FV45)


Senior Men  157 finishers   1st 23:46

1st Sullivan Smith 23:46

10th Oliver Park  24:57

12th Timothy Cobden 25:14 (2nd U20)

22rd Alastair Hodges 28:05

28th Istvan Jacso  26:16

34th Alex Eggeman 26:31

35th Craig Dyce 26:39  (V40)

37th Richard Park 26:46

47th Iain Wood 27:27

53rd Curtis Wood 27:49 (U20)

70th Mark Crook  28:32

80th Graeme Kennedy  29:18

88th Durward Whitehead  30:05

107th Charlie Ritchie 31:29 (V50)

108th John Ferguson 31:41 (V50)

134th Kristoffer Semple 34:36 (V40)

139th Glyn Smith 36:11 (V60)






British Athletics Cross Challenge (inc. European Trials) - Saturday 29th November, 2014.

This weekend our more competitive cross country members travelled to Sefton Park, Liverpool to take part in tougest race of four in the Cross Challenge. The senior and U20 age groups were up against well established international athetes. For them the aim would be an inivitation to represent England in the European XC Championships. 

Senior Men  520 finishers  1st 29:26

146th Oliver Park  33:57

219th Richard Park  36:52

281st Mark Crook  39:03

Senior Women  225 finishers  1st 26:58

42nd Carla Brown  29:45

48th Georgina Schwiening  30:08

90th Natalie Griffiths  32:31

U20 Men  122 finishers  1st 20:31

6th Kieran Wood  20:57

107th Timothy Cobden  23:37

117th Curtis Wood  24:59

U17 & U20 Women  138 finishers  1st 138 finishers

70th Beatrice Fitzsimmons 16:44 (U20)

74th Alice Newcombe  16:50 (U17)

96th Diana Chalmers 17:29 (U17)

98th Belinda Dow  17:38 (U17)

U17 Men  121 finishers  1st 17:06

15th Rob Huckle  18:05

75th Jordan Wood  19:21

U15 Girls  93 finishers  1st 10:42

39th Annabel Quantrill 11:50

U15 Boys 116 finishers  1st 9:44

73rd Oliver Newman  11:01

U13 Girls  98 finishers  1st 10:56

15th Helena Dyce  11:44

17th Eleanor Macintosh  11:51

U13 Boys 85 finishers  1st 10:11

4th David Dow  10:32

86th William Newcombe  13:00




Eastern Veterans Athletics Club (EVAC) Cross Country Championships - Saturday 29th November, 2014

Carrie, Paula, Nev & Bernie joined the usual supporters of this event (Mary, Glynn, Diana & Gerald) at Wicksteed Park, Kettering. The EVAC event is ran inconjunction with the long standing Charity Cup. Glynn (V65+) & the veteran ladies ran the 4.9K course with all the senior women. All came home with medals - Carrie silver in a competitive FV35 age group and the rest golds. The younger men ran the 10K course along with all the senior men. They all finished within about a minute of each other - great team running guys. It was great to see new members of the club supporting this event. An inspiration to others to give this and other veteran events a go in the future.

Senior Women  4.9K  37 finishers   1st 19:53

8th Carrie Bedingfield  21:34 (2nd EVAC FV35)

18th Glynn Smith  24:15  (1st EVAC V65)

19th Paula Kessler  24:15  (1st EVAC FV45)

27th Diana Braverman  26:32  (1st EVAC FV60)

34th Mary Holmes  29:54  (1st EVAC FV75)

Senior Men 10K   62 finishers 1st 35:48

54th Neville Hawkins  47:24 (5th EVAC V50)

58th Bernard Shannon  48:08 (4th EVAC V45)

59th Gerald Meah  48:25 (6th EVAC V55)



British & Irish Masters Cross Country - Saturday 22nd November, 2014

Mary Holmes had the well deserved honour of representing England in this annual match between  England, N. Ireland, Wales & Scotland. This year it was held at Wollaton Park, Nottingham - the same spectacular venue other members of the club enjoyed earlier this year at the English National Cross Country Championships. She has taken part in this match for many years but recently as a reserve for the FV60+ team or a volunteer. This was the first year a category was introduced for ladies over the age of 70. Mary and other female athletes of her age were very pleased as there has been a men's over 70 category for a number of years. At the tender age of 78 Mary not only made the team rather than being a reserve and just missed out by 5 seconds on being the third scorer of three for the winning England team. She told me she was looking forward to only having to run for 6K after finishing the 9K course at Ryston GP last weekend. Congratulations Mary - an inspiration to us all. Check out the Full Results to see how big Masters running is becoming.

Female Veteran 70+   6K   13 finishers   1st 30:49

8th Mary Holmes  34:29



Cross de Atapuerca - Sunday 16th November, 2014.

Kieran Wood represented England in the junior men's event at Burgos, Spain. It was Kieran's first England vest, Brussels in December 2013 being for the South of England. He finshed a fine 12th and third for England in a race with 147 finishers. There were only seconds between them and the winner. Congratulations to Kieran, his coach Mark Vile and the whole trianing group that helped him get there. A great experience for Kieran and the start of more to come. 

Junior Men  147 finishers  1st 17:51 

12th Kieran Wood   18:34



Ryston GP - Race 2 - Sunday 16th November, 2014.

The usual Ryston devotees ventured to Shouldham Warren to challenge themselves over the two lap 9K course. The highlights of the day were a closely packed team finish by the U15 girls, a win for David Pettitt, second for Charlie Ritchie and third for Barbara Hughes in their respective age groups.  Gerald Meah and Glynn Smith can always be relied upon to turn out for the club where there's mud. Well done guys. It was good to see Mary Holmes back in action at Ryston. There are very few women aged 75+ who can complete a hilly 9K cross country run let alone finish 5th overall in the FV55 age group. An inspiration to us all. Well done Mary. These athletes only have to complete one of the 6.5K events to be considered in the overall competition. The next race in the series is the one lap 6.5K on December 15th. The more the merrier.

U15G  3K  9 finishers  1st 11:41

4th Ghazal Seidi  12:54

5th Vicky Ewers  13:59

6th Polly Allburn 14:46

MV45 9K  18 finishers  1st 33:26

1st David Pettitt  33:26

MV55 9K  9 finishers   1st 33:28

2nd Charlie Ritchie  36:10

5th Gerald Meah  38:48

MV60  9K 18 finishers  1st 36:54

7th Glynn Smith  39:44 (MV65)

FV40  9K  7 finishers  1st 38:21

5th Becky Willburn  48:04

FV50  9K  7 finihers  1st 35:11

3rd Barbara Hughes  47:11

FV55   9K  11 finishers  1st 42:06

6th Mary Holmes  51:03 (FV75)




Essex League Race 2 - Saturday 15th November, 2014

Race report by Team Manager Ric Park:

The second race of the season was at a very wet and muddy Hylands Park, Chelmsford.

"When did David Dow get this good?" I can't remember who said this today but it was as David came into sight well clear in first to take his second dominant victory in the Essex League and continue his great autumn form. The answer in short is hard work and a mature head on young shoulders. However you only had to look behind him to see a host of C&C juniors: Max Godfrey, in his first year, who finished 7th and looks like making the Essex county team, Thomas Bridger 21st, George Whisken 20th, Joseph Boneham 23rd, William Newcombe 44th, Liam Bell 49th and importantly David's two younger brothers Hugh 29th and Angus 35th. A new name for the future in Joseph Wheeler 67th who has just turned 11 and was running in his first race. A great run by him today in testing conditions with trainers. David does not want these emerging runners ahead of him.

However 20 minutes later you would find who David tests himself against week in week out around the West site. Last week I watched them taking it turns running 800s on the track - it was truly impressive. These are the U15 boys led by Ollie Sewell who took another win like David, but followed closely by Thomas Keen 3rd and Jamie Sales 4th. Perhaps the performance of the day came from David's friend and training partner Ollie Newman who was cutting his way through the field after a fall at the start. Covered in mud, he finished 13th. Josh Borrett continued to make great strides finished 25th and Peter Cooke arriving just before the start finished 30th. The U15 boys took a dominant victory.

It is these groups that you see throughout the age groups. They are friends but very competitive rivals.

In the U13 girls Helena Dyce push the pace at the front to try and break the field which almost worked. She was just pipped on the line to finish 3rd after a storming finish by Eleanor MacIntosh to take 2nd. France Haines 9th and Tilly Borrett 22nd helped to take the team victory.

The U15 girls also saw a storming finish from Annie Quantrill who was closing quickly on the leaders to finish 6th. Kathryn Bell continued her impressive streak of results in 12th and Ghazal Seidi ever improving to finish 36th. This incomplete team took 5th of 15 teams.

The U17 and U20 women were led by Alice Newcombe who had a very strong run to finish 6th - a great start to her Essex League campaign. Bea Fitzimmons was close behind, quickly finishinq in 8th. Emma Schaertlin-Coffey finished brilliantly in 12th with Mia Pesci 29th briniging the team home 2nd overall.

Rob Huckle took a dominant victory in the U17 boys. Harry followed in 5th and a return to form for Jordan Wood 7th. These boys were 5th of 12 teams despite being incomplete.

With a few of our top runners missing through injury, holiday, other races and the small matter of running for England it was left to the youngest member of the team to lead the way. Tim Cobden continued to show he can run over the country to finish 9th. Craig Dyce continued his good form to finish 28th followed by Richard Park 34th. Curtis Wood had a great run to finish 69th and Iain Wood after missing the start 62nd.

Highlights: Helena, David, Ollie S, Rob, Tim all continuing their form and a return of a few xc and mud lovers in Alice, Jordan, Thomas and Eleanor.

Full results will be posted as soon as practicable.



U13G  1st team of 14 teams

U13B 1st team of 15 teams

U15G 5th team of 13 but C&C incomplete

U15B 1st team of 15

U17/20W 2nd team of 10

U17M 5th team of 12 but C&C incomplete


Senior & U20 Men  203 finishers  1st 24:16

9th Tim Cobden 25:06 (4th U20)

28th Craig Dyce 26:48 (5th V45)

34th Richard Park 27:12

62nd Iain Wood 28:27

69th Curtis Wood 28:43 (12th U20)

78th Mark Crook 29:03

111th Derek Hartley 30:45

117th Ben Chamberlain 30:54

136th Charlie Ritchie 32:03 (V55)

177th Kristoffer Semple 36:01 (V45)

195th Joe Borrett 40:56 (V40)


Senior Women   126 finishers  1st 21:04

5th Carla Brown  22:46

7th Natalie Griffiths 23:15

21st Carrie Bedingfield 25:18 (7th FV35)

26th Emma Buckland 26:04 (8th FV35)

41st Stef Godfrey 27:53 (7th V45)

45th Sarah Boneham 28:15 (V35)



Frostbite League Race 2 - Sunday 2nd November, 2014

Well done to the Juniors on a big improvement from 11th to 5th team this month. Not many representatives for the seniors at this fast 5 mile road race - probably because of clashes with National & local fixtures. We need more support next month. 

Juniors 5th of 15 teams

Seniors 16th of 16 teams




English Cross Country Relays - Saturday 1st November, 2014

Best turnout in recent history at the National Cross Country Relays in Mansfield. Thanks to fine management by Ric Park, we had 13 complete teams & representatives in all the age groups. The U17 Boys & U17 Girls finished 9th & 10th respectively. Kieran Wood, U20 Men, finished 8th fastest athlete of the day on the first leg. Many thanks go to Ric for the monumental task of entering & managing all these teams as well as running a leg in the senior mens B team. 


Senior Women A        11th of 98 complete teams

Senior Women B          56th of 98 complete teams

U20 Women                 incomplete

U17 Women A          10th of 53 complete teams

U17 Women B           33rd of 53 complete teams

U15 Girls                      incomplete 

U13 Girls A                 17th of 94 complete teams

U13 Girls B                   incomplete

Senior Men A              42nd of 143 complete teams

Senior Men B              81st of 143 complete teams

U20 Men                       22nd of 49 complete teams

U17 Men A                  9th of 63 complete teams

U17 Men B                  incomplete

U15 Boys A                 30th of 81 complete teams

U15 Boys B                 incomplete

U13 Boys A                 14th of 79 complete teams

U13 Boys B                  71st of 79 complete teams

U13 Boys C                 72nd of 79 complete teams




Cambridge University vs RAF vs Eastern Counties Match - Saturday 25th October, 2014

Four of our top cross country athletes represented the Eastern Counties at this annual triangular match at Magog Downs. 

Senior Women  18 finishers  1st 18:12

12th Ellen Leggate  20:21

Senior Men     46 finishers   1st 31:02

3rd Sullivan Smith 31:02

10th Jonathan Escalante-Phillips  33:13

20th Oliver Park  34:55


Ampthill Trophy - Sunday 19th October, 2014

Just two athletes ran this hilly 8K course this year. Two very much cross country devotees.

Senior Men  99 finishers  1st 28:16

3rd Michael Salt  29:56 (1st V40)

48th Gerald Meah  41:23 (V55) 


Essex League Race 1 - Saturday 18th October, 2014

Report by Ric Park:

Great to see so many athletes representing the club at the first Essex League at One Tree Hill, Thurrock. Many were taking part for the first time. A particular highlight was having twelve U13 Boys representing the club, showing the club has a strong future.

Individual wins for David Dow U13 Boys, Ollie Sewell U15 Boys, Kieran Wood U20 and Sullivan Smith Senior men.

Second place finishes for Helena Dyce U13 Girls and Rob Huckle U17 Boys.

There were numerous top10 finishes.

The full results will be posted as soon as they are finalised.


Senior Men 1st of 20 teams

Senior Women 2nd of 20 teams

U17/U20 Women 2nd of 9 teams

U17 Men 2nd of 13 teams

U15 Girls 2nd of 12 teams

U15 Boys 1st of 12 teams

U13 Girls 1st of 14 teams

U13 Boys 1st of 13 teams

Veterans team results will be posted soon. Vets please make sure you state your age group. Thank you. 




Ryston Grand Prix Race 1 - Sunday 12th October, 2014

Report by Charlie Ritchie:

A seasonally misty and mellow Shouldham Warren forest for the first race in the Ryston XC Grand Prix on Sunday, and a doughty band of C&C runners out to gather some low-hanging fruit. The 5K course and springy conditions suited us nicely, and there was a sense of going for it all round. Impressive opening runs from our two juniors Ghazal Seidi and Polly Allburn, and some great senior running: Barbara Hughes had a striking debut with 2nd in her category, and I got the same placing in mine. Most of the seniors, like Becky Wilburn and Ryston newbie Chris Hurcombe, clocked times that compared very favourably with their road PBs, and Gerard Meah is looking mean and strong. In a good way. Special mention to Ryston C&C star David Pettit, who grabbed bronze in the highly competitive MV45 group, despite pulling a hamstring and walking the final stretch! Next meeting is the 9K and it is to be hoped that more C&Cers can manage to dip a toe into those rejuvenating pine needles.

U15 Girls 3K 8 finishers  1st 11:54

5th Ghazal Seidi 13:29

7th Polly Allburn 14:20

F40 5K 11 finishers  1st 19:11

7th Becky Wilburn 27:02

F50 5K 5 finishers  1st 25:37

2nd Barbara Hughes 25:51

V40 5K finishers 1st 17:21

10th Chris Hurcomb 21:09

V45 5K 18 finishers  1st 16:43

3rd David Pettitt 18:14

V55 5K 16 finishers  1st 19:26

2nd Charlie Ritchie 19:35

4th Gerald Meah  20:58

V60 5K 16 finishers  1st 19:57

9th Glyn Smith 22:28 (V65)



Frostbite League Race 1 - Sunday 5th October, 2014

Seniors 8th of 16 teams

Juniors 11th of 15 teams




English National Road Relays - 4th / 5th October, 2014


Senior Women A        7th of 60 complete teams

Senior Women B          30th of 60 complete teams

U17 Women A          13th of 41 complete teams

U17 Women B               31st of 41 complete teams

U15 Girls                      incomplete 

U13 Girls                   13th of 49 complete teams

U17 Men A                  5th of 49 complete teams

U17 Men B                  incomplete

U15 Boys A                 11th of 55 complete teams

U15 Boys B                 incomplete

U13 Boys A                 9th of 46 complete teams

U13 Boys B                  30th of 46 complete teams




South of England Road Relays - 20th/21st September, 2014


Senior Women       3rd of 61 complete teams

U17 Women A        9th of 44 complete teams

U17 Women B          incomplete

U15 Girls                 30th of 74 complete teams

U13 Girls                8th of 67 complete teams

U13 Girls B               35th of 41 complete teams

Senior Men                29th of 70 complete teams

U17 Men A              3rd of 34 complete teams

U17 Men B               incomplete

U15 Boys                6th of 44 complete teams

U13 Boys A             9th of 41 complete teams

U13 Boys B                35th of 41 complete teams






Ryston Grand Prix Race 6 - Sunday 23rd March, 2014

Race report by Charlie Ritchie:

A cold but sunny day for the final Ryston Grand Prix race in idyllic Shouldham Warren Woods saw a small but high-impact C&C team ending the season in style. Jamie Sales took the under 13 bronze and Polly Allburn finished her under 15 girls 5-race Ryston debut with a strong PB. Seniors David Pettitt and Charlie Ritchie were second in their categories and Glynn Smith and Gerald Meah continued their current sparkling form with a third and a fifth. Becky Wilburn twisted an ankle at the off but still managed a good run, and Mary Holmes finished very strongly in her usual category-busting style. Overall results and prizes for the day were given out in the village hall; all runners who had completed at least 3 races got a tournament award. David Pettitt gained silver in the very competitive VM45, and Charlie Ritchie managed a VM55 bronze. David is to be congratulated on now having a gold, silver and bronze set - a Ryston ‘vet’ in more ways than one. The Ryston Grand Prix offers springy pine needled trails, a competitive but friendly atmosphere, good tea and cakes, and winnable hardware. It has something to offer juniors, XC newcomers as well as old lags. David Pettitt remembers earlier tournaments when the number of runners entering the final stretch made the trees echo and the earth shake. Season opens again on October 12th; it would be good to see more C&C runners making that earth shake.


U13 Boys (3K) 12 finishers  1st 10:15

3rd Jamie Sales 10:26

U15 Girls (3K) 5 finishers  1st 11:11

4th Polly Allburn 13:10

MV45 (6.5K) 19 finishers  1st 21:53

2nd David Pettitt  23:42

MV55 (6.5K) 9 finishers  1st 25:14

2nd Charlie Ritchie  27:03

5th Gerald Meah  28:18

MV60 (6.5K) 11 finishers  1st 26:35

3rd Glyn Smith  28:56  (MV65)

FV35 (6.5K)  15 finishers  1st 28:00

11th Becky Wilburn  37:54

FV55 (6.5K)  7 finishers  1st 31:18

4th Mary Holmes  35:40 (1st FV75)


British Masters Cross Country Championships - Saturday 15th March, 2014

We had one representative from the club at this event this season, probably because it was so far away! Helen ventured north of the border to race the Scots at Tollcross Park, Glasgow. An opportunity to meet up with an old team mate from her Aberdeen AAC days. We were treated to dry conditions on the three lap undulating course. The strong wind made up for the lack of mud! Despite a fierce head to head battle over the last lap Helen was out run in the final straight by one of Edinburgh's Bog Trotters (hill runner). A hilly course for a resident of Cambridgeshire is a flat run for a hill runner! 

Women 35+ & Men 65+: 6K   103 finishers  1st 22:20

41st Helen Grant  26:00 (8th FV50 / 1st FV50  23:37)



CAU Inter-counties Cross Country Championships - Saturday 8th March, 2014


The race report by Ric Park, the County team manage, can be found here.


Senior Men  276 finishers  1st 33:54

55th Sullivan Smith  36:57

108th William Mycroft 37:55

244th Oliver Park  41:46


Senior Women   275 finishers  1st 27:26

116th Claire Somerton  32:24

132nd Carla Brown  32:36

133rd  Ellen Leggate  32:38  FV35

216th  Carrie Bedingfield  34:40


U20 Men  180 finishers  1st 25:07

10th Kieran Wood  26:14

153rd  Daniel Cade  31:02


U20 Women   150 finishers  1st 19:52

no representatives from C&C


U17 Men  268 finishers  1st 18:15

 122nd Timothy Cobden  20:44

147th Harry Topham  20:58

219th Jake Davies  22:03

245th Curtis Wood  22:40


U17 Women  260 finishers  1st 18:31

 3rd Claire Wilson 19:25

67th Diana Chalmers  21:47

212th Melissa Dix  24:35


U15 Boys  280 finishers  1st 15:53

20th Rob Huckle  16:53

66th Ashley Brown  17:29

100th Jordan Wood  17:52

145th Luke Crisp  18:17


U15 Girls  276 finishers  1st 16:52

 72nd Alice Newcombe  19:05

91st Belinda Dow  19:23

217th Kathryn Bell  21:15


U13 Boys  300 finishers  1st 10:38

18th Thomas Keen  11:09

80th Jamie Sales  11:42

117th David Dow  11:55

164th Oliver Newman  12:07


U13 Girls  306 finishers  1st 11:24

75th Eleanor Macintosh  12:45

143rd Frances Haines  13:10

241st Beth Wilson  13:58

283rd Sorcha Barnes  14:28


 English Cross Country Championships - Saturday 22nd February, 2014

Best team results to date on a glorious day at Wollaton Park, Nottingham. The team of the day was the U15 boys who finished 4th team, only 4 points behind Team Bath. Very promising results from the U13 girls & boys, both finishing 22 team of 42 and 53 teams respectively. It was great to see enough senior women to close a scoring team of four, finishing 17th of 83 teams. For the first time in many years enough senior men ran to close a scoring team in both the 6 and 9 to score competitions (30th of 127 teams & 23rd of 56 teams respectively). There were many fine inidividual performances with the following continuing to place extremely well in their age groups: Rob Huckle (10th U15B, Claire Wilson 11th U17W & George Schwiening 14th U20W). 

Many thanks go to Mark Vile, Jo Newcombe & Ric Park for acting as team managers & coaches on the day. With performances like this we look forward to the Inter-Counties on Saturday 8th March, Cofton Park, Birmingham. Any queries about this event should be directed to Ric Park, Cambridgeshire AAA's XC Team Manager. If you cannot run this event you must contact Ric ASAP. Failure to do so may prevent another very deserving athlete taking part. Thank you.


Senior Men (12k) 1657 finishers  1st 36:23

 C&C 30th team of 127 (with 6 to score)

C&C 23rd team of 56 (with 9 to score)

189th James Chettle 41:15

204th Michael Salt  41:29 (MV40)

289th Oliver Park  42:26

410th Istvan Jacso  44:02

449th Graham Anderson  44:34

488th Richard Park  44:59

560th Craig Dyce  45:57 (MV40)

727th Graeme Kennedy  47:37

950th Mark Crook  50:17

1068th Christof Schwiening  51:47 (MV45)

1436th Gerald Meah  58:31 (MV 55)


Senior Women (8K)  708 finishers  1st 27:42

C&C  17th team of 83 (with 4 to score)

 99th Carla Brown  32:53

107th Natalie Griffiths  33:00

114th Ellen Leggate  33:06 (FV35)

202nd Felicity Tournant  35:09

321st Helen Grant  37:21 (FV50)


U20M  (10K)  187 finishers  1st 31:15


U20W (6K)  134 finishers  1st 21:03

 14th Georgina Schwiening  23:13


U17M (6K)  272 finishers  1st 19:24

 70th Timothy Cobden  21:44

232nd Curtis Wood  24:43


U17W (5K)  211 finishers  1st 17:29

 11th Claire Wilson  18:49

71st Diana Chalmers  20:50


U15B (4.5K) 346 finishers  1st 13:55 

C&C 4th team of 33 (with 4 to score) only points behind 3rd!!

10th Robert Huckle 14:32

55th Jordan Wood  15:14

63rd Ashley Brown  15:18

70th Oliver Sewell  15:24

105th Luke Crisp  15:46


U15G (4K)  355 finishers  1st 15:10

48th Alice Newcombe  16:57

113th Belinda Dow  17:51


U13B (3K)  385 finishers  1st 10:58

C&C 22nd team of 42 (with 4 to score)

 29th Thomas Keen  11:46

92nd David Dow 12:23

171st Oliver Newman  12:52

294th  George Whisken  13:49


U13G (3K)  431 finishers  1st 11:42

C&C  22nd team of 52 (with 4 to score)

 52nd Eleanor Macintosh  13:00

72nd Helena Dyce  13:09

121st Frances Haines  13:29

366th Sophie Ealey  15:22






Ryston Grand Prix Race 5 - Sunday 16th Febuary, 2014

Five of our regulars at this event turned out on Sunday. The two lap 9K course provided a hilly challenge. Those who finished third should be well placed in the series. Remember you have to post a finish time on one of each of the three senior courses to be eligible for the series competition. David Pettitt was not racing this weekend but he currently stands third in his age group. The last race of the series, 6.5K, is being held on Sunday 23rd March. That's probably the last opportunity you'll get to race cross country this season - a beautiful venue to finish. Refreshments will be on sale at the prize giving afterwards. 

U15G 3K  7 finishers  1st 11:21

6th Polly Allburn 15:43

MV55  9K  11 finishers  1st 33:50

3rd Gerald Meah  39:21

MV60   9K  10 finishers  1st 36:16

3rd Glyn Smith  39:13

FV35   9K  12 finishers  1st 40:52

7th Becky Wilburn  48:17

FV55   9K 6 finishers  1st 44:13

3rd Mary Holmes  49:32





Essex League Race 5 - Saturday 8th February, 2014

Race report by Ric Park:  

We came, we saw, we conquered.

The final round of the Essex League took place in Chingford, a beautiful if slightly wet setting for the final race of the League Season.

The day was led off by the Juniors who this season have dominated the league and become very good friends in doing so.

The U13 girls had another successful day led by Eleanor Macintosh who again took to the front early to win her 3rd race in a row in the league and win the overall title - a great achievement in her first season of cross country. ( We had a little glimpse of the future from Eleanor's sister Elizabeth running in her first race in an extended U11 race ). Helena Dyce had her highest placing of the season to finish 4th, thereby finishing 4th in the overall standings. Frances Haines (10th) had another great run in the tough conditions, with Sophie Ealey having her best run of the season not far behind in 15th. I am still baffled how they got through the standing water on the course.
A great first season for all 4 and they will all return next year in the same age group to dominate once more I'm sure.

The U13 boys as a team have dominated the league from start to finish led by the ever present Thomas Keen who had already wrapped up individual honors but came down to take a victory lap and make sure they won the team. They duly did. Thomas took the victory with Jamie Sales finishing 6th, Oliver Newman 11th, David Dow 12th and George Whiskin 21st.
A great victory for the team with all the boys improving throughout the season.

U15 girls were led by Alice Newcombe who pushed Khahisa all the way to the finish to finish a very close 2nd in the race and 3rd overall in the league. Great preparation for the Nationals in a couple of weeks. Esme Stewart had a great run to finish 9th with friends Vicky Ewers (23rd) and Sasha Vail (26th). Thanks to them the U15 girls closed a complete team finishing 2nd overall.

In terms of strength in depth the club's strongest age group is the U15 boys and they have shone through throughout the cross country season.

Rob Huckle showed his dominance running away from the field from the start and winning by some distance and taking 1st overall in the league. He has won all 4 of the races he entered. Ashley Brown followed in 3rd with Jordan Wood 5th. This was just enough for Jordan to take 3rd overall ahead of Ashley. They were backed up by Luke Crisp in 6th and Alex Lione (24th). It hasn't mattered which four who ran this season because they have always done well and took the team title comfortably.

Unfortunately we had no U17 women today, with Diana Chalmers ill and Claire Wilson preparing for the Nationals. Diana has always finshed in the top 10 this season and Claire has won one and finished 2nd twice in the 3 races she has ran.

U17 men were led round by Tim Cobden who took his second win of the season and with it the overall title in the league. Not bad for an 800m runner. Harry Topham continued his good form taking 3rd and Curtis Wood, who was a spectator this time last year, finished 16th. 

A renaissance in Senior cross country running has taken place this season with the senior women featuring full teams in the last four races. Claire Somerton's consistent improvements over the winter saw her finish 3rd on the day and take 2nd place overall in the league. Carla Brown continued her good form finishing 6th with Natalie Griffiths just behind in 7th. They were backed up by Victoria Coe (51st) to bring the team home in 3rd of 17 teams.

Sullivan Smith was looking for his first win in the Essex League but unfortunately Adam Hickey GB International turned up and blew the race apart from the beginning. Sullivan finishing 3rd on the day beating a number of previous winners. He was followed by the ever present Oliver Park in 21st cementing his top 20 finish overall. Alex Eggeman 25th, Richard Park 32nd, Craig Dyce 34th, Iain Wood 35th, Lee Whitehead 52nd, Ben Chamberlin 79th, Charlie Ritchie 94th, Alan Huckle 97th and Glynn Smith 106th. Well done guys you finished 4th of 20 teams.

A special mention goes to Craig Dyce who finished 3rd overall in the V40 category rewarding a very consistent season. 

Special thanks also go to Jo Newcombe for sorting out the scoring and Frances Haines for her support at all the races, staying till the end to watch the seniors.

Next up the Nationals on Saturday 22nd February. 

Additional note from Mark Vile:

A big thank you needs to go to Ric from the whole club. He turns up well before the first race of the day and then runs in the last race if the day!! The club's biggest improvement this year is in the U13 girls & boys age group. Most of this is down to Ric, Oli and Fergie (plus the other great volunteers) who take the Monday night sessions. Without this our younger age groups would not have improved so much.


U13G  46 finishers  1st 12:24

C&C 2nd team of 11

1st Eleanor Macintosh  12:24

4th Helen Dyce 12:47

10th Frances Haines 13:20

15th Sophie Ealey  13:40


U13B  51 finishers  1st 11:09

C&C 1st team of 12

1st Thomas Keen  11:09

6th Jamie Sales  11:32

11th Oliver Newman 12:02

12th David Dow  12:03

21st George Whisken  12:37


U15G  26 finishers  1st 16:05

C&C 2nd team of 8

2nd Alice Newcombe 16:10

9th Esme Stewart  19:11

23rd Vicky Ewers  21:57

26th Sasha Vail  26:52


U15B  29 finishers  1st 13:53

C&C 1st team of 12

1st Rob Huckle  13:53

3rd Ashley Brown  14:38

5th Jordan Wood  14:42

6th Luke Crisp  15:26

24th Alex Lione  17:23


U17/U20 Women  24 finishers  1st 18:00

no representative today


U17 Men 21 finishers  1st 21:52

C&C 4th team of 7

1st Tim Cobden  21:52

4th Harry Topham 23:16

16th Curtis Wood  24:58


Senior Women   62 finishers  1st 24:22

C&C 3rd team of 17

3rd Claire Somerton  24:29

6th Carla Brown  25:39

7th Natalie Griffiths  25:48

51st Victoria Coe  35:34


Senior Men  142 finishers  1st 25:22

C&C 4th team of 20

3rd Sullivan Smith  26:17  note: running as a guest

21st Oliver Park  28:58

25th Alex Eggeman  29:22

32nd Richard Park  30:11

34th Craig Dyce  30:22 (V40)

36th Iain Wood  30:39

52nd Lee Whitehead  32:34

79th Ben Chamberlain  35:33

94th Charlie Ritchie  37:12 (V50)

96th Alan Huckel  37:45 (V50)

106th Glyn Smith  38:58 (V60)






South of England Cross Country Championships - Saturday 25th January, 2014

A great day for C&C at Parliament Hill, N. London despite having some of our top scoring athletes sidelined with illness, inury and work commitments. For the first time in recent history we had finishers in all 10 age group categories and scoring teams in six.

Our star team was the U15 boys who finished 4th of 37 teams with Rob Huckle finishing a fine 6th - our top scorer of the day. He was followed home by Jordan Wood, Oliver Sewell, Luke Crisp, David Arbide, Leon Bozianu & Robert Brunton.

George Schwiening continued to place a fine 10th in the U20 women. Kieran Wood finished a creditable 11th and Dan Cade 79th in thier first season in the U20 age group. For these guys it's a big jump from 6K to 8K when faced with hills & heavy mud. They were our only representatives in these age groups. We hope as our youngster grow up and move on they will continue to turn out for C&C in the major championships. 

A below par Alice Newcombe lead the U15 girls team home in 18th of 38 teams with Amy Chalmers having one of her best performances of the season. Amy was backed up by Belinda Dow and Alice Kindell, both in their first season and at their first major championship. 

The U17 age group is often one of the most difficult to field teams. Those that were able to turn out did a great job on the hills and in the mud when you consider many of them prefer track & field. Tim Cobden did well to finish 35th, backed up by Harry Topham & Curtis Wood. Diana Chalmers proved a reliable supporter of the club finishing a solid 49th - the only U17 women fit to run. All being well her team mates will be back in action for the Nationals in 4 weeks time.  

Very promising news is C&C being able to field scoring teams in the U13 girls and boys age groups. Thomas Keen (17th) lead a squad of 6 (Jamie Sales, David Dow, Oliver Newman, Geroge Whisken & Dominic Bozianu) home to finish 10th of 45 teams. Eleanor Macintosh (12th) a scoring team of 4 (Helena Dyce, Frances Haines, Sophie Ealey) home to finish 14th of 45 teams. Watch this space as most of these athletes are still in their first season in these age groups.

Other very promising news is that this season some of top female road runners have ventured off road and proved themselves equally successful on cross country. Claire Somerton finshed a fine 41st of 466 finishers bringing a team of 4 (Carla Brown, Carrie Bedingfield & Natalie Griffiths) home in 10th of 72 teams. A year ago Natalie was a 400m runner! Two years ago we only had two finishers Helen Grant & Diana Braverman. Both were happy to still be able to run but not have the pressure of scoring. 

Cross country is on the up and there were just short of one thousand senior men running (986 finishers). Mike Salt, our most experienced cross country runner, continued to be our top scorer finishing 88th overall and third V40. He was backed up by Alex Eggeman, Oliver Park, Richard Park, Iain Wood, Ben Chamberlain & Christof Schewiening. Despite missing a couple of our stronger athletes C&C still managed to finish 30th team of 110. And next year we hope to do even better. 

A big thank you to all those who supported the event - athletes, coaches, parents and partners. Special thanks go to Mark Vile, Jo Newcombe & Richard Park for managing & coaching the teams. Also to young William Newcombe, who by running around all day supporting our athletes is getting in training for next year. Thank you. 


Senior Men (15K)  986 finishers  1st 49:49

30th team of 110

88th Michael Salt 57:21  3rd MV40

174th Alex Eggeman  01:00:34

179th Oliver Park  01:00:44

257th Richard Park  01:03:20

322nd Iain Wood  01:05:09

673rd Ben Chamberlain  01:14:10

674th Christof Schwiening  01:14:12


Senior Women (8k)  466 finishers   1st 30:39

10th team of 72

 41st Claire Somerton  34:49

69th Carla Brown  36:01

96th Carrie Bedingfield 36:52

100th Natalie Griffiths  37:02

190th Helen Grant 40:06  5th FV50

425th Diana Bravermen  53:12  7th FV60


U20 Men (8K)  105 finishers 1st 26:46

11th Kieran Wood  28:32

79th Dan Cade  33:15


U20 Women (6K)  78 finishers  1st 22:34

10th Georgina Schwiening  25:20


U17 Men (6K)  209 finishers  1st 20:29

 35th Timothy Cobden 22:34

76th Harry Topham 23:48

143rd Curtis Wood  25:20


U17 Women (5K)  157 finishers  1st 18:53

49th Diana Chalmers 23:12


U15 Boys (4.5K)  258 finishers  1st 15:53

****** 4th team of 37 ******

6th Robert Huckle  16:22

24th Jordan Wood  16:46

29th Oliver Sewell  17:06

59th Luke Crisp  17:38

103rd Daniel Arbide 18:14

121st Leon Bozianu  18:36

236th Robert Brunton  21:10


U15 Girls (4K)  285 finishers  1st 14:49

18th team of 38

24th Alice Newcombe 16:20

76th Amy Chalmers 17:26

97th Belinda Dow 17:41

198th Alice Kindell  19:33


U13 Boys (3K)  284 finishers  1st 11:49

10th team of 45

17th Thomas Keen 12:27

46th Jamie Sales 12:48

75th David Dow 13:14

120th Oliver Newman 13:36

179th George Whisken  14:13

272nd Dominic Bozianu  16:53


U13 Girls (3K)  292 finishers  1st 12:17

14th team of 45

 12th Eleanor Macintosh  13:20

59th Helena Dyce  14:19

66th Frances Haines  14:24

169th Sophie Ealey 15:34 



British Athletics Cross Challenge - Sunday 19th January, 2014

Report by Mark Vile from the fourth of five events in this series:

A great day for C&C at the Cardiff leg of the British challenge. Both Rob Huckle and Claire Wilson won their races in fine style both beating top class fields. They were then backed up by Kieran Wood who while running for the South of England finished a fine third in a field made up of athletes competing for Wales, the North of England and the Midlands. Kieran helped the South to the team title.


Ryston Grand Prix Race 4 - Sunday 19th January, 2014

Three young ladies (U15) and five of the veteran club runners ventured to Shouldham Warren this weekend. All did very well with Lucy finishing first in the 3K event and David, Charlie & Jane second in their age group in the 5K. They don't have an over 65 age group for women so Mary had to settle for 5th in the FV55, racing those 20 years her younger. Race 5 will be the two lap 9K event on Sunday 16th February. 


U15G 3K  10 finishers  1st 11:21

1st Lucy Parker  11:21

8th Vicky Ewers 14:11

9th Polly Allburn 15:20

MV45 17 finishers  1st 16:40


2nd David Pettitt  17:49


MV55 8 finishers  1st 19:05


2nd Charlie Ritchie  20:32


FV35 5K  15 finishers  1st 21:04

12th Becky Willburn 27:32

FV45 14 finishers  1st 21:14

2nd Jane Packman  22:31

FV55 10 finishers  1st 25:02

5th Mary Holmes  28:02




Essex League Race 4 - Saturday 11th January, 2014

Reports of calf deep water did not deter those who made the effort to go to Southend-on Sea for the fourth of five races in this league. This is when it gets interesting because the overall team & individual competitions require completion of four of five races. Four juniors are leading their age group standings: Eleanor Macintosh (U13G), Thomas Kee (U13B), Rob Huckle (15B) & Tim Cobden (U17M). Claire Wilson (U17W) & Craig Dyce (MV40) are lying second in their categories and Alice Newcombe (U15G), Jordan Wood (U15B) & Claire Somerton (SW) third.

Our U13 boys have a six point lead in the team competition and our U15 boys are standing second to Basildon by only one point. Our 13 girls are getting stronger by the race. They are currently standing fourth but only one point behind Orion Harriers. Thanks to the regular attendence of a number of seniors, C&C are currently standing in the top third of over 20 teams in the men's and women's team competition. Keep up the good work guys. Only one more race to go - Epping Plain, Chingford on Saturday 8th February.



Senior Men 126 finishers  1st 22:42

C&C 5th team of 21

2nd Sullivan Smith  22:58   note: running as a guest for C&C

7th Kieran Wood  23:38  (2nd U20)

11th Thomas Stevens 24:02   note: running as a guest for C&C

22nd Oliver Park  25:14

27th Craig Dyce  25:52  (3rd M40)

32nd Richard Park  26:16

40th Graeme Kennedy  26:51

55th Lee Whitehead  28:21

94th Alan Hukcle 32:46 (M50)


Senior Women  79 finishers  1st 21:42

C&C 2nd team of 17

7th Claire Somerton  22:33

9th Carla Brown  22:48

13th Natalie Griffiths  23:04

17th Carrie Bedingfield 23:53


U17M  34 finishers  1st 18:36

C&C 4th team of 12

5th Harry Topham  20:03

13th Jake Davies  21:12

20th Curtis Wood  21:48


U17W / U20W  29 finishers  1st 14:06

C&C 8th team of 10

1st Claire Wilson  14:06


U15B  32 finishers  1st 13:16

C&C 1st team of 11

1st Rob Huckle  13:16

3rd Jordan Wood  13:28

4th Ashley Brown 13:32

5th Luke Crisp 13:43

26th Alex Lione 16:13


U15B  26 finishers  1st 14:31

C&C 5th team of 8

3rd Alice Newcombe  15:03

7th Belinda Dow  15:32


U13B  54 finishers  1st 10:46

C&C 2nd team of 13

1st Thomas Keen  10:46

6th Jamie Sales  11:13

10th David Dow  11:24

13th Oliver Newman  11:42


U13G  37 finishers 1st 11:59

2nd team of 12

1st Eleanor Macintosh  11:59

5th Helena Dyce  12:19

7th Frances Haines  12:22

20th Sophie Ealey  13:26

28th Tilly Borrett  14:44 


Cambridgeshire XC Championships - Sunday 5th January, 2014

A great start to the year for C&C winning 11 of the 14 team titles, one of which was not awarded. In recent years Cambridgeshire has not been renowned for cross country running but this year saw the start of some the club's road runners taking up the challenge to run off road and doing extremely well. The seniors and veterans took all the team titles with the senior ladies also taking second. 

We had some tremendous team performances in the juniors races with competition within the club being as great as between clubs. The compeition is primarily a team one however congratulations go to those who are now county champions: Eleanor Macintosh U13G, Thomas Keen U13B, Alice Newcombe U15G, Jordan Wood U15B, Claire Wilson U17W and Tim Cobden U17M. Alice & Claire defended their titles and George Schwiening U20W deserves special mention for retaining her title since 2009.

Full team and individual results can be found by clicking the link below.

Our thanks go to the hosts, Riversisde AC, and all those who worked behind the scene to make it happen. Fortunately, the weather was not as bad as we feared. County events elsewhere had to be postponed or abandonned.

Finally, thanks go to the club coaches for the hours they have volunteered to help & inspire the athletes to produce such team performances. For some this will be the pinnacle of their xc season but for most who went away with a medal it's just the start of the championship season.

If you were invited to represent Cambridgeshire in the Inter-Counties on Saturday 8th March, please RSVP to Richard Park as soon as possible. He has 10 teams to manage. You only have yourself. This event, at Cofton Park, Birmingham, is the toughest championship on the national XC calendar. Only invited athletes get to stand on the start line. You may not win a medal but the pack you could be running in may get shown on TV.




Iris Lotto Crosscup Brussels - Sunday 22nd December, 2013

Kieran Wood (U20M) and Alice Newcombe (U15G) represented team South of England at this event in Brussels. It was the first opportunity for them both to race outside the UK.

U20M   6K  1st 19:40  58 finishers

24th Kieran Wood  21:11

U15G  2.5K  1st 8:35    54 finishers

28th Alice Newcombe 10:15



Ryston Grand Prix Race 3 - Sunday 15th December, 2013

A couple of members, Istvan & Becky, managed to get up and run the two lap 6.5K course the morning after the Enurance Christmas Party. They were joined by regulars David Pettit and Mary Holmes and first timer Don Hutchinson. Vicky, Polly and Sasha returned to take part in the U15G race of 4K. The  second race of each distance will be run in the new year. Remember to score in the overall competition you need to post a time for each of the three distances, 5K, 9K & 6.5K.

Senior Men   6.5K  83 finishers   1st 20:48

4th Istvan Jacso   22:13

13th David Pettit   23:49  3rd MV45

78th Don Hutchinson  34:00  MV60

Senior Women   6.5K   55 finishers  1st 24:32

30th Mary Holmes   35:37   4th FV55  1st FV75

37th Becky Willburn  38:06  14th FV35

U15G   4K   5 finishers  1st 11:46

3rd Vikcy Ewers 14:22

4th Polly Allburn 15:19

5th Sasha Vail  16:14 


South of England Inter-counties XC Championships - Saturday 14th December, 2013

Adapted from the County Race Report by Richard Park:

Cambridgeshire took a team to this event at Shuttleworth Park, Biggleswade for the first time in a number of years.

A number of C&C athletes were missing from the official results. In this report they are added but positions are all a best guess from the day and information available.
The team was missing a number of athletes due to illness and injury so it was a chance for others, many of whom are young in their age group, to gain experience racing some of the best in the country.
The course proved to be equally challenging: a fast downhill start was followed by an 800m climb which gradually got steeper and lead to a fast, flat finish.

First off were the U13 Girls, for many it was the first time competing. The girls were led by Eleanor Macintosh with a brilliant run. After an enthusiastic start leading the race she eventually finished 13th. Next was Frances Haines in 58th who we must remember is still only in year 6. She was followed in by a number of county runners including C&C's Sophie Ealey in 81st. Having spoken to the girls afterwards, they all found it tough but enjoyed the day and look forward to the County Championships in January.

U13 Boys race was also a first opportunity for most to compete at this level. The exception was Thomas Keen whose experience showed with a strong finish in 12th. Following him in were a number of strong performances from seven younger county athletes including C&C's David Dow 31st, Dominic Clatworthy 61st and Oliver Newman 77th. 

We had several athletes in the U15 Girls race. Belinda Dow continued with her good form to finish 25th and second scorer for the County. She was followed in by Kathryn Bell 66th and Amy Chalmers 79th.

A problem at the finish in the U15 Boys race meant that the official results only show very few Cambridgeshire finishers and unfortunately a number of noteworthy performances were missed off. Second scorer for the County was our fast finishing Ashley Brown who after a slow start came through the field to finish 12th. Jordan Wood followed in 21st and not far behind an ever improving Ollie Sewell in 28th. This completed a strong County team of four who just missed out on the bronze medal in the team competition. 

An inexperienced U17 Men's team, many of which normally spend most of their time on the track, suffered from the early fast pace which didn't let up throughout. C&C's Tim Cobden was first home in 47th, followed by Harry Topham 62nd and Curtis Wood 81st. It's good to see these guys getting out on the country and giving it a go. 

The performance of the day came from the Cambridgeshire's most experienced cross country athlete Claire Wilson. A group of three broke away each switching places to the finish. The hills favoured Claire but it was the fast finish which saw Georgia Fear surge from 3rd to take the win. Claire finished a great 3rd place which secured the County's only medal of the day. Third scorer was Diana Chalmers in 23rd, continuing her good winter form. First time racing at this level was Melissa Dix in 65th.

The Senior Women rounded off the day and despite best efforts to recruit athletes from other clubs the team finally comprised of four members from C&C. For all it was a first chance for them to test themselves against the best in the South of England. Claire Somerton led the way, finishing a superb 26th with her best run in her first cross country season. Great performances followed with Carla Brown 39th, Natalie Griffiths 49th and Carrie Bedingfield 52nd. All four have entered the South of England XC Championships in January and will be going into that race with greater confidence after this performance.

Many thanks should go to Ric Park for doing a superb job getting a Cambridgeshire team to this event. Cambridgeshire does not have a traditional cross country league so it is difficult to track down, contact and get athletes to commit to this event, especially seniors who tend to compete on the road. Very well done Ric. The future of cross country running in the county is on the up thanks to you. 

 Senior Women  6K  63 finishers  1st 21:59

 26th Claire Somerton  24:08

39th Carla Brown  24:57

49th Natalie Griffiths  25:15

52nd Carrie Bedingfield  25:41




South of England Masters XC Championships - Saturday 14th December, 2013

This event was held at Shuttleworth Park, Biggleswade inconjunction with the South of England Inter-Counties XC Championships. Mike Salt & Helen Grant took advantage of the close proximity (this event is often in S. London) and entered for the first time. Those travelling from the south coast claimed the venue was "so far north!". It would have been good to see a bigger presence by C&C. Like all xc events it's a team event. We had teams of one! As the Master's races are fitted in between the junior and senior women's races it's a great opportunity to watch our junior athletes in action and vise versa show them and their parents that running is a sport you can do for life. 


Veteran Men 40-45  10K  37 finishers  1st 33:50

6th Mike Salt   35:05

Veteran Women 50-54  6K   30 finishers  1st 25:16

7th Helen Grant 27:59



Essex League Race 3 - Saturday 7th December, 2013


Race report by Ric Park (Essex League Team Manager):
Another good day for C&C in the Essex league down at Chelmsford.
It started with a brilliant run from Eleanor Macintosh who won her first Essex League Cross Country race taking the race on from half way and holding onto the victory. She was backed up by another strong run from Helena Dyce in 6th, Frances Haines in 16th in her first Essex League race and Sophie Ealey in 25th. This meant the girls finished 2nd team on the day. A great performance girls.
Once again Thomas Keen led the way for the U13 boys finishing 2nd to yet another different boy. This means Thomas is leading the series. He was backed up by strong performances by Oliver Newman 10th, David Dow 11th, George Whisken 24th and Joseph Bonehan 36th. This places them top of the team overall standings.
The club only had Belinda Dow in the U15G but she put in another strong performance to finish 9th. This means Belinda hasn't finished outside the top 10 this season, showing consistency no matter what the course or conditions.
The U15 Boys race was a C&C battle at the front with Rob Huckle easing away to take the victory. Ashley Brown and Jordan Wood were left to fight it our for third. Ashley almost got there only losing out on the line to finish 4th. Another great run with Jordan Wood just behind in 5th. Luke Crisp followed in 12th and Alex Lione in 38th. C&C finished 1st in the team competition on the day and climbed to 2nd overall this season.
Like in the U15G the U17G had just one representative. Diana Chalmers battled her way to 12th with a strong run despite suffering with tight calves.
Tim Cobden and Curtis Wood were both happy with their runs in the U17M race. Tim finishing 2nd with some navigational difficulty and Curtis running a sensible and even paced race to finish 25th.
The Senior Women were led by another great performance by Claire Somberton finishing 4th in her highest placing of the year. She was backed up by strong runs by Natalie Griffiths in 16th, Carrie Bedingfield in 20th and Fiona Downie in 72nd. All the girls are improving race by race. We are currently standing 9th of 22 teams. With more support we could make it into the top five. 
The Senior men rounded off the day led by Sullivan Smith who with his customary steady start worked his way up to 3rd. As second claim for C&C we could not count Sullivan in the team competition. However, we could count Oliver Park 22nd, Istvan Jacso 32nd, Alex Eggeman 33rd, Craig Dyce 44th, Richard Park 50th, Graeme Kennedy 56th, Neil Carrington 65th, Lee Whitehead 74th, Ben Chamberlain 113th, Charlie Ritchie 146th, Glyn Smith 161st and Alex Downie 169th. A fine turn out by all those who ventured south to Essex. This meant we finished 5th team on the day and remained 5th team of 22 in the overall standings. There are veteran team and individual standings. The results of these will be published at the end of the season. 
Senior Men 8K  206 finishers  1st 25:58
C&C  5th team of 22
3rd Sullivan Smith  26:20  Note: running as a guest
22nd Oliver Park   27:53
32nd Istvan Jacso  28:37
33rd Alex Eggeman 28:42
44th Craig Dyce  29:13  4th MV40
50th Richard Park  29:32
56th Graeme Kennedy 29:48
65th Neil Carrington 30:17
74th Lee Whitehead  30:52
113th Ben Chamberlain  33:11
146th Charlie Ritchie  35:42   MV50
161st Glyn Smith  37:18  MV60
169th Alex Downie  38:09   MV60
Senior Women 6K  60 finishers  1st 24:22
6th team of 22
4th Claire Somerton  24:56
16th Natalie Griffiths   26:34
20th Carrie Bedingfield  27:24
72nd Fiona Downie  34:03
U17M  6K  33 finishers   1st 20:51
C&C 7th team of 12
2nd Tim Cobden  21:44
25th Curtis Wood  24:59
U17W 5K  19 finishers   1st 17:40
C&C  8th team of 9
9th Diane Chalmers  19:35
U15B  4K  42 finishers  1st 12:35
C&C 1st team of 13
1st Rob Huckle  12:35
4th Ashley Brown  12:44
5th Jordan Wood  12:49
12th Luke Crisp  13:23
38th Alex Lione  15:28
U15G  4K  40 finishers  1st 13:48
C&C 8th team of 9
9th Belinda Dow   15:26
U13B  3K  55 finishers  1st 11:19
C&C  2nd team of 14
2nd Tom Keen  11:24
10th Oliver Newman  11:50
11th David Dow  11:56
24th George Whisken  12:40
36th Joseph Bonehan  13:28
U13G  3K  48 finishers  1st 12:06
C&C 2nd team of 13
1st Eleanor MacIntosh  12:06
6th Helena Dyce  12:45
15th Frances Haines  13:16
25th Sophie Ealey  14:18
Eastern Veterans Athletics Club XC Championships - Saturday 30th November, 2013

Six veteran members of club represented C&C at Wicksteed Park, Kettering and all came back with medals. All are experienced cross country runners who run not only for the love of it but because they still can. The EVAC championships were run inconjuction with Kettering Harriers Charity Cup. All the ladies and men aged 60 and over lined up for the two lap 5K course with the U17 men and women. The course was dry but not easy with long grass, switchbacks and short hills. We'd been expecting long inclines and waterlogged grass like last year. Helen, meeting up with rivals from West Suffolk and Hunts AC did well to finish third overall in the championship event and second in her age group. Diana was happy to be running and Mary hot on her heels. Both came away with gold. John Jenkins couldn't match the pace of front runenrs in his MV65 age group but worked hard to keep Helen in his sights and come home with bronze.

In the men's four lap 10K event, Mike Salt ran very strongly to finish third overall in the Charity Cup and an easy first in his age group. Gerald, always eager to support EVAC events did well to come home with a bronze medal in his age group.

For those over the age of 35 this event, like the British Masters XC Championships in March 2014, provides an excellent introduction to championship running without having to suffer the shock of seeing those at least a decade younger running away from you at the start line.  Give it a go next year.

Veteran Women 35+  5K  1st 21:08 (FV35)

3rd Helen Grant 23:24  2nd FV45

Diana Braverman  29:00 1st FV60

Mary Holmes 30:04  1st FV75

Veteran Men 60+  5K   1st 22:35 (MV65)

John Jenkins  25:02 2nd MV65

Veteran Men 35-59   10K  1st 36:34 (MV35)

2nd Mike Salt   36:57  1st MV40

Gerald Meah   53:32  3rd MV55



British Masters Athletics Federation XC Relay Championships - Saturday 23rd November, 2013

For the first time in many years, if ever, C&C fielded a team at this event at Moorways Stadium, Derby. All the ladies ran a two lap 3.1K leg along with the men competing in the M65+ event. The event provides an excellent opportunity for those who have been competing for many years, even decades, to met up again and run alongside those who have come late to the sport. Like the junior and senior relays it's good to race with your teammates before you have to race against them.

Helen, in her first race for two months, was slow to start but made her way through the field to finish 4th on the first leg. A far from fit Joan did well to maintain this position on the second leg. Mary pulled the FV45 team into third position soon into the final leg. However, there was a fast finisher behind so she had to settle for 4th fastest on the third leg. 

Next year it would be great to see other C&C teams out there. The club could do well in the many age group categories.

 Female Veterans 45-54

C&C 3rd

Helen Grant  13:33  4th L1

Joan Lasenby 14:21 4th L2

Mary Twitchett 13:27 4th L3 





British Athletics Cross Challenge - Saturday 23rd November, 2013

Seven of our top juniors and two seniors took part in the second of these National standard events at Sefton Park, Liverpool. This was the second outing for Claire Wilson this year and the second year some of these athletes have taken part in what is the trial for the UK cross  country team. It provided an opportunity for these athletes to line up with and watch some of the UK's most experienced international athletes.

U15 Girls 87 finishers  1st 10:34

 16th Alice Newcombe  11:15

35th Belinda Dow  11:44

U15 Boys  135 finishers  1st 9:25

33rd Rob Huckle  10:15

37th Jordan Wood  10:18

U17 Women  85 finishers  1st 14:51

 12th Claire Wilson   16:08

45th Diane Chalmers  17:22

U20 Men  96 finishers  1st 20:12

 22nd Kieran Wood   21:20

Senior Women   212 finishers  1st 26:36

75th Natalie Griffiths  32:29

Senior Men   515 finishers  1st 28:47

 172nd Richard Park  35:25


Ryston GP Race 2 - Sunday 17th November, 2013

Some more of our veteran cross country runners were in action at Shouldham Warren. Glyn Smith was the only one who braved the double bill of 8K of hills in Essex on Saturday and 9K of hills in Shouldham Warren on Sunday. David Pettitt finished a fine third in the MV45 event. Next home were Charlie Ritchie and Jane Packman, who should have been placed a very good second in the FV45 age group (rather than 6th in the FV35). Glyn Smith & Gerald Meah finished within seconds of each other. Well done to you all. Hope to see more of your out there next time. That will be for one lap of 6.5K.

We had two junior representatives who I believe were representing C&C for the first time. Well done Vicky Ewers and Sasha Vail for completing the 3K U15G event.

U15 Women  9 finishers  1st 11:23

7th Vicky Ewars  14:57

9th Sasha Vail  16:09

FV35  9K  16 finishers  1st 35:08

6th Jane Packman  39:25 (note should have been recorded as 2nd FV45)

MV45 9K  20 finishers 1st 30:16 

3rd David Pettitt  32:13

MV50 9K  8 finishers 1st 28:36 (new course record)

8th Gerald Meah  40:37

MV55 9K  12 finishers  1st 33:08

5th Charlie Ritchie  38:08

MV60  9K  13 finishers 1st 36:38

5th Glyn Smith   40:23



British & Irish Masters' International - Saturday 16th November, 2013

C&C had two representatives at this match in Cardiff - two of the top cross country runners in Britain in their respective age groups. Sullivan Smith finished 5th in the MV35 event only 20 seconds behind the winner. Mary Holmes continued to show us how it's still possible to race and represent your country when you're well into your 70's. Very well done to you both.

Veteran men 35-49  90 finishers  1st 24:12

5th Sullivan Smith 24:32 

Veteran Women 35+ 130 finishers  1st 20:21

128th Mary Holmes 32:36 (14th FV65 / 1st FV75)



Essex League Race 2 - Saturday 16th November, 2013

Race report by Mark Vile: 

C&C enjoyed its best day to date in the second round of the Essex Cross Country League staged at Basildon.


The day's highlights were two fine wins for Rob Huckle in the U15 race and Kieran Wood in the U20 men's race. We also had 4 second places, 2 third places and a host of other great runs.


U11 boys race - William Newcombe made a brave bid to win the race from the start but had to settle for 7th just in front of team mate Hugh Dow in 8th with Hugh's twin brother Angus not far behind in 14th.


U13 girls race - Eleanor MacIntosh almost won her race but ran very well to finish 2nd. She has made a great improvement on the first league race were she finished 5th. Helena Dyce finished 7th with Sophie Ealey running for the first time finishing in 24th. With so many U13s coming to training on a Monday surely we can find enough girls to complete a team!


U13 boys race - Thomas Keen again finished second as he did in the first race however he finished a long way in front of the boy who beat him in the last race so he now leads the overall standings with 3 races left. Next in was Jamie Sales in 16th closely followed by Oliver Newman in 17th with David Dow in 21st. Our first 4 boys home were backed up by a good run from George Whisken in 29th.


U15 girls race - Alice Newcombe ran her best race to date finishing just behind this season's top middle distance athlete Khahisa Mhlanga. Belinda Dow proved her great run in the first league race was no fluke by again finishing in 8th place. Our 3rd runner home was Esma Stewart running her first cross country race for C&C. As with the U13s we could not close a team in this age group. Where are all the athletes that come to training?


U15 boys race - Rob Huckle showed his class by powering to victory in fine form. This was Rob's first win in the Essex League. Jordan Wood finished in 3rd as he did in the first race and has now moved up to 2nd in the overall standings. Jordan is now benefiting from all the hard work he has put in. Ashley Brown had a great race finishing in 4th place just behind Jordan. Ashley has improved by 10 places since the first race and is starting to show us what he is capable off. Alex Lione was our 4th and final boy home in 46th.


U17 women's race - Claire Wilson showed us she is getting back to form with a fine second 2nd place and just behind the winner who also won the first race. Diana Chalmers ran very well to finish in 7th place, Diana is only in her first year as an U17.


U17 men's Race - Tim Cobden showed us that his strength is improving all the time by finishing 3rd behind Jordan Rowe who was one of the top cross country runners last year. Tim is leading the individual standings. Harry Topham had his best race to date to finish a fine 10th place in a top class field. Again Curtis Wood our 1m 86cm high jumper proved that he is capable of working hard on this tough cross country course by finishing in 31st.


Senior Women's Race - Natalie Griffiths who only last year was a 400m hurdler finished first for C&C in a fine 13th which is a big improvement on the first race. Claire Sommerton finished in 15th. Third home for C&C was Carrie Beddingfield in 24th. The team was completed by Fiona Downie in 84th. Well done ladies this was a big improvement on the first race. We still need more of our Senior women competing in this league!


Senior Men's race with the U20s - Kieran Wood showed the form that got him to 16th in last year's National championships by finishing in a fine 5th place overall and first U20. Kieran was followed home by Pascal Furtwaengler in 18th with Oli Park in 23rd. They were followed home by Alex Eggeman in 42nd. Rick Park did very well to finish 54th considering he must have run more than his race distance before his race even started! Rick did a great job cheering on all of our juniors during the day. Well done Rick and thanks for all your help. Al Pritchard showed his form by bring the A team home in 56th. C&C also had good runs from Neil Carrington in 73rd, Graeme Kennedy in 75th, Durward Whitehead in 100th, Ben Chamberlain in 125th, Alex Dowie in 183rd and Glyn Smith in 184th. A great turn out guys well done.


This was our best result across all age groups but we can do better. Please check the club website for the next race in Chelmsford. Put on your club vest and show Essex that C&C can dominate their cross country league.

U11 Boys 2K  48 finishers  1st 7:25

7th William Newcombe  7:45

8th Hugh Dow 7:50

14th Angus Dow 8:12

U13 Girls 3K  57 finishers  1st 14:41

C&C 8th of 12 teams

2nd Eleanor MacIntosh 14:45

7th Helena Dyce 15:05

24th Sophie Ealey 16:16

U13 Boys 3K  62 finishers  1st 14:34

C&C 3rd of 12 teams

2nd Thomas Keen 14:43

16th Jamie Sales  15:38

17th Oliver Newman  15:43

21st David Dow  16:00

29th George Whisken 16:30

U15 Girls  4K  46 finishers  1st 16:50

C&C 8th of 12 teams

2nd Alice Newcombe  17:02

8th Belinda Dow  18:15

31st Esme Stewart 21:17

U15 Boys  4K  50 finishers  1st 15:07

C&C 2nd of 13 teams

1st Rob Huckle 15:07

3rd Jordan Wood  15:33

4th Ashley Brown  15:35

46th Alex Lione  20:11

U17 Women 5K  30 finishers  1st 18:07

C&C 9th of 12 teams (U17/U20)

2nd Claire Wilson  18:10

7th Diane Chalmers  19:37

U17 Men 6.5K  41 finishers  1st 26:00

C&C  9th of 12 teams

3rd Timonthy Cobden  26:58

10th Harry Topham  28:15

31st Curtis Wood  32:24

Senior Women  6.5K  102 finishers  1st 29:30

C&C  7th of 19 teams

13th Natalie Griffiths  32:09

15th Claire Somerton  32:14

28th Carrie Bedingfield 24:25

82nd Fiona Downie  44:07

Senior Men  8K 223 finishers  1st 26:55

C&C 4th of 22 teams (incl. U20M)

5th Kieran Wood  27:27  1st U20

18th Pascal Furtwaengler 28:41

23rd Oliver Park  29:05

42nd Alex Eggeman  30:23

54th Richard Park 30:53

56th Alan Pritchard 31:14  7th V40

73rd Neil Carrington  31:52

75th Graeme Kennedy 32:05

100th Durward Whitehead  33:54

125th Ben Chamberlain  35:03

183rd Alex Downie  39:48  6th V60

184th Glyn Smith  39:49  7th V60




Frostbite Friendly Race 2 - Sunday 3rd November, 2013


Junior race report & results by Richard Park:

Some great performances and it was really good to see some of the Monday night group representing the club and performing brilliantly. The junior team finished second placing them second behind Hunts AC in the overall standings for this season.

The team was lead home by Diana 5th overall and first girl. A great run after a brillaint performance the previous day at the National Cross Country Relays in Mansfield. Her perfomance was backed up by Lucy Parker 11th, 2nd female. Next followed the younger members of the club, Jamie Sales 14th, showing the continued good form from the relays. Helena 18th and 6th girl, Max 20th, James 33rd, Josh 37th, Alice 42nd, Amy 48th, Marlene 71st  and Maya 169th. All giving strong perfomances.

If any other Juniors would like to compete at the Frostbite then just turn up on the day in your club vest or contact Adam Poole. If f you are interested in the Essex Cross Country League contact Richard Park or Mark Vile.


Juniors 3K  199 finishers  1st 9:39

 5th Diane Chalmers   10:20  1st F

11th Lucy Parker       10:40  2nd F

14th Jamie Sales       10:55 11th M

18th Helena Dyce      11:04  6th F
20th Max Godfrey      11:06 14th M
33rd James Frazer      11:30 24th M
37th Josh Borrett       11:43 27th M
42nd Alice Kindell      11:57 11th F
48th Amy Chalmers    12:07 14th F 
71st Marlene Ohly      12:43 23rd F
169th Maya Buddle    15:15 65th F



ECCA (National) Cross Country Relays - Saturday 2nd November, 2103


Senior Men's report by Richard Park ....
For possibly the final time the National Cross Country Relays took place at Berry Hill Park Mansfield. Following on from some great performances in the Junior races the senior men were out to tackle 2x2.5 km laps of the best cross country terrain.
Ric Park ran the first leg along with 180 others on the line coming in 113 after a fast first km with everyone jostling position on the tight course and trying to avoid the back markers in the senior women's race.
Istvan Jacso took up the second leg flying through the field bringing the team up to 94th Place and finishing the day with the fastest time of the team.
Dan Hurst took up the third leg and continued the form of recent weeks keeping the team close to the top 100.
John Ferguson had the glory leg bringing the team home in 103 out of 157 completed teams. Fergie had already completed a lap before the mass start which takes place for teams which have been lapped by the top 10 teams.

A great day out and brilliant to see a senior mens team competing on the National Stage alongside the likes of Andy Vernon who captains the GB mens cross country team. Would be great to take a couple of teams next year where ever it may be held.


Junior race report:

 This year C&C were able to field complete teams in all the junior age groups apart from the U13G. It was also good to see a full squad taking part in the Junior Men's (U20) event. Two teams, U15B and U17W, finished within the top 10 teams in the country. Pity our U15G lacked a final leg runner. The best performances of the day go to Claire Wilson 6th fastest overall in the U17W and Rob Huckle 8th fastest overall in the U15B. Also to be commended were Alice Newcombe (U15G) and Tom Keen (U13B) who were only 5 seconds off making the top 10 in their respective age groups. This is a team event and it was great to see some of our younsters who would not really consider themselves endurance athletes taking part. Well done to you all.

Junior Men           37th of 56 complete teams in 30:08.20 (1st 27:05.70) 

U17W                  8th of 52 complete teams in 28:37.70 (1st 27:27.30)

U17B                   39th of 69 complete teams in 31:09.55 (1st 27:54.75)

U15G                   incomplete of 86 complete teams (1st 21:56.95)

U15B                   6th of 82 complete teams in 20:34.25 (1st 19:46.40)

U13B                   29th of 79 complete teams in 23:07.40 (1st 21:24.75)


Individual times and places on each leg can be found below:




RAF vs Eastern Counties vs Cambridge Uni Match - Saturday 26th October, 2103

Three of our senior cross country specialists competed in this event at Priory Park, St. Neots. In the senior mens and veterans event James Chettle represented Cambridge Univseristy Hare & Hounds and Mike Salt the Eastern Athletics Association (EAA). Ellen Leggate also represented the EAA in the senior women's event. All three placed well for their respective teams.

Senior Men & Veterans  58 finishers 1st 22:52

14th James Chettle  24:24

23rd Mike Salt  25:05 (3rd V40)

Senior Women 27 finishers 1st 17:59 

7th Ellen Leggate 19:11 (FV35)


British Athletics Cross Challenge - Sunday 27th October, 2013


The first of a series of five high quality competitive cross country events was held at Ashton Court, Bristol. It gave up-and-coming athletes the opportunity to match themselves against established cross country stars. Claire Wilson took up this Challenge. 


U17W  4.39K   26 finishers  1st 16:51

5th Claire Wilson  18:32


Ampthill Trophy Open Cross Country - Sunday 20th October, 2013

Some excellent individual performances on this very hilly 8K course in what must have been wet conditions. It wasn't quite enough to win the senior men's team trophy but three firsts in their age group for Mike, Dan and Margaret.

Senior Men 8K 131 finishers 1st 29:28

3rd Mike Salt 30:03 (1st MV40)

4th Jonathan Escalante-Phillips 30:40 

17th Daniel Cade 33:59 (1st U20M)

Senior Women 8K 47 finishers 1st 32:42

18th Margaret Phillips 45:59 (1st FV55)

Essex League Race 1 - Saturday 19th October, 2013

Report by Mark Vile:

 The first Essex league race of the season was held at Great Notley Country Park, Braintree. C&C had a very good turn out for the senior men with Oliver Park the first man home in a very good 17th. The race was won by GB International Adam Hickey. Oli was followed home by Craig Dyce in 32nd and John Ferguson 30 second later in 45th. They were backed up by Graeme Kennedy (62nd) and Iain Wood (64th). Next was Charlie Ritchie (152nd) coming back from a long lay off and Gerald Meah (190th). First timers, Chris Hurcomb & Gianluca Savini finished 192nd & 220th. This shows how much of an allcomer event it is.


Claire Somerton finished 10th in a high-class women's field. She was followed home by Natalie Griffiths in 23rd. Unfortunately they were our only two senior women competing, not enough to score as a team. If you are training for any distance from 5k to the marathon, this is the event for you! It will make you work hard and will help you improve your times on the road. Come senior women, get your spikes on and try out this league.


Our juniors turned out in large numbers with the highlight being a win in the U17 men's race by Tim Cobden. Tim only finished in 15th last year and he is showing everyone what can be achieved with some hard work. This was also the first win in any age group by a male runner from C&C! Tim was followed home by Harry Topham in a good 10th place. Jake Davies finished 26th, quickly followed by Curtis Wood in 29th. This makes C&C 4th of 13 teams.


Claire Wilson finished in a good 2nd place in the U17 women's race. Claire was followed home by Melissa Dix in11th and Charlotte Tame in 25th. It’s four to score so come on U17 women, get out and join them.


In the U15 boys race Jordan Wood made a big break through finishing in 3rd place. He was backed up by Luke Crisp (12th), Ashley Brown (14th), Oliver New (36th) and Alex Lione (48th). C&C are now 4th of 14 teams in this age group.


Alice Newcombe finished 4th in the U15 girls race in which Belinda Dow also showed us that all her hard training is paying of with a fine 8th place. Sorcha Barnes (30th) and Sarah Brunton (32nd) helped bring C&C home in 3rd position out of 11 teams in this age group. It was good to see newcomer Sasha Vail (47th) getting out there and giving it a go.


The U13 boys race was very exciting with Thomas Keen just missing out on the win. Thomas, in 2nd, was backed up by David Dow in 14th, Oliver Newman (16th), Jamie Sales (20th) and George Whisken 28th.  A great team performance, with C&C finishing first of 13 teams. Our U13 boys have a very good chance of winning this league.


Our U13 girls had two very good performances from Eleanor Macintosh in 5th and Helena Dyce in 6th. Unfortunately, just like our senior women, they were not backed up by any more runners. Given the huge numbers of girls that turn up to Monday night training we must do better at the next league meeting.

Overall a great start to the season for C&C.

See you all at the next event on Saturday 16th November.


Senior Men 8K (incl. U20) 231 finishers 1st 25:49 

C&C 8th of 21 teams

 18th Oliver Park 28:48

32nd Craig Dyce 30:08 (3rd V40)

45th John Ferguson 30:38 (7th V40)

62nd Graeme Kennedy 31:23

64th Iain Wood 31:28

152nd Charlie Ritchie 36:44 (V50)

190th Gerald Meah 39:47 (V50)

192nd Chris Hurcomb 40:07 (V40)

220th Gianluca Savini 46:01 (V40)


Senior Women 6K  118 finishers  1st 21:22

C&C 16th of 22 teams

 10th Claire Somerton 25:18

23rd Natalie Griffiths 27:14


U17M 6K 39 finishers 1st 21:22

C&C 4th of 10 teams

 1st Tim Cobden 21:22

10th Harry Topman 23:10

26th Jake Davies 25:18

29th Curtis Wood 25:47


U17W  5K  28 finishers  1st 18:48

C&C 6th of 12 teams

 3rd Claire Wilson 19:02

11th Melissa Dix 22:17

25th Charlotte Tame 25:10


U15B 4K  55 finishers  1st 13:51

C&C 4th of 14 teams

3rd Jordan Wood 14:11

12th Luke Crisp 14:52

15th Ashley Brown 15:10

36th Oliver New 16:11

48th Alex Lione 17:38


U15G  4K  47 finishers  1st 15:23

C&C 3rd of 11 teams

 4th Alice Newcombe 15:56

8th Belinda Dow 16:17

30th Sorcha Barnes 19:03

32nd Sarah Brunton 19:17

47th Sasha Vail 25:13


U13B  3K 59 finishers  1st 11:20

C&C 1st of 13 teams

 2nd Thomas Keen 11:25

14th David Dow 12:00

16th Oliver Newman 12:06

20th Jamie Sales 12:19

29th George Whisken 12:37


U13G 3K 57 finishers  1st 12:19

C&C 10th of 13 teams

 5th Eleanor MacIntosh 12:35

6th Helena Dyce 12:37


ECCA (National) Young Athletes Road Relay Championships -Sunday 13th October, 2013

This year C&C were able field complete teams in all the junior age groups at Sutton Park, Birmingham. Two teams, U15B and U17W, finished within the top 10 teams in the country and almost all the others within the top 20. U13G came 21st after drafting in a last minute reserve. The best performance of the day was young Tom Keen who ran the 8th fastest time of the 143 finishers in the U13B age group. A tremendous run.

U17M  19th of 40 complete teams in 39:13 (1st 35:51) 

U17W 7th of 32 complete teams in 43:39 (1st 42:41)

U15B  6th of 56 complete teams in 39:23 (1st 37:54)

U15G 15th of 65 complete teams in 44:58 (1st 42:13)

U13B 15th of 43 complete teams in 45:08 (1st 42:18)

U13G 21st of 44 complete teams in 49:24 (1st 43:53)

All athletes ran the same 3.863Km leg.

Individual times and places on each leg can be found below:



Ryston Grand Prix Race 1 - Sunday 13th October, 2013

A couple of seniors, a junior and a group of regular cross country veterans braved the Autumnal weather at Shouldham Warren last weekend. Mary told me the course was pretty dry under foot despite there being "a lake of a puddle" close to the start line. The seniors and veterans all ran the one lap 5K course together with Gemma Coe leading all the ladies home in 17:37, almost a minute faster than this time last year. Mary continued to showed how you can still be racing over rough terrain at the tender age of well over 70! Plus she finished faster than last October! Polly made her debut in the U15W. In the men, Istvan, David & Charlie showed that they are returning to form after being sidelined with injury. Gerald, a regular at this event, backed them up. Well done to them all. This should be considered a warm up for the two lap 9K next month.

Senior Women 5K 1st 17:37 44 finishers

1st Gemma Coe 17:37

26th Mary Holmes 26:53 3rd FV55 (1st FV75) 

Senior Men 5K 1st 15:45 69 finishers

 5th Istvan Jasco 16:49

15th David Pettit 18:06  1st MV45

36th Charlie Ritchie 20:43  5th MV55

45th Gerald Meah 21:59  10th MV55

U15 Women 3K 1st 11:34  6 finishers

5th Polly Allbum 16:30 



Frostbite Friendly League Race 1 - Sunday 6th October, 2013

Click here for results & race report by Adam Poole.

Southern XC Relays - Saturday 5th October, 2013

Senior women's race report by Beth Jones:

Conditions were mild and dry for the Southern Cross Country Relays at the Linford Christie Stadium in Wormwood Scrubs on Saturday. The Senior Women’s Team representing C&C this year for 3 legs of 3k held their own to achieve a total time of 43:28 (14th). The course was a flat loop around the stadium park; predominantly slightly bumpy grass with a brief stretch through a wooded area. These relays were a short, sharp leap towards the mental attention required for footwork in traditional cross country races at full pelt. We achieved very neat and tidy times (Jane Packman: 14:33, Elizabeth Jones: 14:22, Outi Tammisola: 14:33) with Helen Grant supporting us fully as team manager. Lower key than the Road Relays in September, it was a friendly team event.


 In the mens relay Istvan surprised himself with a well placed finish on the first leg. Neil, the only member of the team to have run this event last year, used this event to kick start his second xc season. Duncan then put in the fastest time of the day for C&C followed by Ric who managed to move the team up one place to finish a very credible 14th of 29 complete teams who finished.

This should be an inspiration for others to join them at the the National XC Relays on Saturday 2nd November. Contact Istvan. 

Senior Women   16 complete teams finished  1st 36:53

C&C 14th in 43:28

Jane Packman 14:33 (18/21 L1)

Beth Jones 14:22 (16/20 L2)

Outi Tammisola 14:33 (14/16 L3)

Senior Men   29 complete teams finished   1st 57:54

C&C 14th in 1:04:36

 Istvan Jacso 15:37 (15/34 L1)

Neil Carrington 17:01 (16/32 L2)

Duncan Coombs 15:34 (15/30 L3)

Richard Park 16:24 (14/29 L4)



Southern 6 stage Road Relays - Sunday 22nd September, 2013

 Report by Istvan Jacso: 

 Seven of us headed down to Aldershot to represent C&C in the senior men’s race. We had William Mycroft, Kieran Wood, Alexander Eggeman, Richard Park, James Chettle, Oliver Park, and Istvan Jacso as the reserve. Due to the clash with a popular local event we could only send one team to the battlefield. The goal of the day was to provide a solid performance and hopefully finish in the top 25 to qualify for the Nationals in October. Checking the results from last year, that appeared to be a challenging task. We would have to produce an average performance of sub 20min over the 6k course. The course consisted of two 3k laps with two small but tricky hills. The first off was Will who ran a superb 1st leg in19:28 finishing in 40th place. That was a great performance knowing that many teams put their fastest runner on the first leg. Second was Kieran who ran as well as Will to finish in 19:35, moving us up to 26th place! Alex was next. He showed his multi-talent with a solid 21:27 after a week of surfing. He handed over to Ric in 36th place. Ric matched Alex’s time, finishing in 44th place. Then James took over. He stormed through the course with a very even pace, finishing with another sub 20min performance (19:58). This moved us back to 36th place. Our finisher was Oliver who also paced himself very well. He overtook several teams to finish with another great performance of 20:07 in 30th place. Despite all the strong performances that was not quite enough to finish in the top 25. However, we were only 1min 5sec off! The day was still a great success and a significant improvement on last year. The total finish time of 2:02:02 compared with 2:05:57 in 2012. This year we finished 30th out of 80 teams. In 2012, we were only 40th out of 66 teams. We’ll be back next year!


Southern 4-stage Road Relays - Saturday 21stSeptember, 2013


Report by Beth Jones: 


A Senior and a Vets Women’s team also joined the C&C crowd at the SEAA Aldershot Road Relays on Saturday. Some of the teams there were are among the fastest in the country, others weren’t and for those of us more accustomed to the Marathon, HM or 5K, this event was a looking glass into a whole different world of running. We covered a leg distance of 3851 meters as fast as possible in relay form. Well, it's not something I would have ever experienced without Club involvement and it was fun ... particularly when I stopped trying to figure out how 3851m compares with 5 km and just ran! The course was a pleasant tree-lined, gentle up and down route through part of the army base finishing with a stretch of honour down into the 'natural' arena (populated by club tents). Despite Helen and Natalie feeling rather under the weather and a sore foot for Joan, both teams pulled off some good times. Jane Packman (16:17), Helen Grant (17:12), Mary Twitchett (15:56) and Joan Lasenby (16:25) took a total time of 1:05:50 for the Vets, placing them 8th. Natalie Griffiths (14:55), Outi Tammisola (16:24) and Beth Jones (16:13) ran as an incomplete Senior team for a 3-Leg time of 47:32. So as Mary and Natalie took the star times for the afternoon, I also witnessed a belter of a run from Outi, who looked just as powerful as she handed over to me as she did at the start. Well done everybody. Since C&C has such a talent for distributing blue and white stripes evenly across race fields as well as standing on podiums, it would be great to see some A, B and C Senior/Vets Teams there and at the Nationals next year. In summary, an excellent club team event.


Southern Young Athletes Road Relays - Saturday 21st September, 2013

Report by Mark Vile:
Some great results today at the Southern road relay champs. The highlight of the day though is the news that C&C have their first (if not first then the first in many years!) South of England team champions. Our U17 girls stormed home winning by an incredible 28 seconds. 
U17 Women - C&C took the title in fine style leading from gun to tape.  On the first leg Claire Wilson had to battle all the way to the line in order to hold off Wells City's Isobel Glaisher. Claire crossed the line in 10 mins 22 seconds just one second ahead of her rival. Claire handed over to Diana Chalmers on the second leg. Diana ran a controlled race under pressure running 10 mins 54 seconds and brought the team home in first place extending the lead to 13 seconds. Diana handed the lead over to Hollie Parker. Hollie Parker was put under pressure by Windsor's Felicity Johnson during the first half of her leg with the gap closings to around 8 seconds but Hollie Parker held her nerve and soon began to extend the lead over the last 800m eventually crossing the line 28 seconds clear of her rivals. Hollie ran 10 mins 38 seconds for her leg. A great team performance and a first major title for C&C's youngsters.
U15 boys - C&C finished 5th in a very competitive age group. Jordan Wood (10mins 02 seconds) proved he was the right choice to go on the first leg as he worked hard to hold onto the leading group. Jordan brought the team home in 12th place just 30 seconds behind the leaders. Jordan handed over to Rob Huckle (9 mins 46 seconds). Rob quickly moved up to third place running the second fastest time on his leg. Luke Crisp (10 mins 05 seconds) took over from Rob and ran very well to hold onto 3rd place. Luke then handed over to Ashley Brown (10 mins 41 seconds) who was running his first major race for the club. Ashley showed us that he has a bright future with a good run bringing the team home in a fine 5th place.
U13 boys - We had 4 athletes competing for the first time at this level and they all ran very well. Oliver Newman (11 mins 53 seconds), Dominic Clatworthy (11 mins 15 seconds), Thomas Keen (10 mins 50 seconds) and David Dow (11 mins 56 seconds). The boys finished in a credible 15th place and proved that the future is bright for C&C.
U17 Men - Our U17s competed very well to bring the team home in 16th place. National 800m silver medallist Tim Cobden started them off for the team and ran a fast 12 mins 40 seconds before handing over to Curtis Wood (13 mins 45 seconds) who proved he is multi talented, the 1m 83cm high jumper kept the team in touch with the top 20 teams before handing over to fast improving Harry Topham (13 mins 11 seconds) who ran a strong race before handing over to Thomas Blatch (13 mins 27 seconds) who did well as he had been ill leading up to the race. Thomas took 4 places on his leg which resulted in a fine performance for the whole team.
U15 girls - Amy Chalmers (11 mins 30 seconds) ran the first leg for C&C bringing the team home in a good 18th place, less than a minute behind the leading team. Belinda Dow unfortunately suffered from a bad stitch and breathing problems during her leg but bravely battled to the line so her club mate Alice Newcombe could still run her leg. Alice (10 mins 47 seconds) took over in 46th place and produced the 9th fastest run of the day eventually bringing the team home in 20th.
U13 girls - Disaster struck the team when Sophie Ealey was taken to A&E the night before the race with a suspected broken arm. Thankfully the arm was not broken but Sophie was fitted with a splint and still wanted to run for the team. It was decided that it was best for Sophie to miss the race to help with her recovery. Eleanor MacIntosh and Helena Dyce decided that they would still travel to the race and proved that with a fit Sophie that the team can compete with the best. Eleanor bought the team home in 23rd in 9 mins 01 seconds and Helena ran a fast 8 mins 42 seconds to close the second leg in 14th place. Well done girls and we wish Sophie a speedy recovery.
It's now onto the National road relays in Birmingham on the 13 Octoberwhere we hope the U17 girls can bring home the National title for C&C. Yesterday showed us that the club is in good hands with plenty of youngsters eager to improve and compete at the highest level.


Ryston Grand Prix Race 6 - Sunday 24th March 2013

Three cross country devotees and one junior represented the club at the final race of the series. Sorcha Barnes, now competing in the 3K U13G event, finished a strong third. Ben, Charlie & Glyn tested themselves over the one lap 6.5K event with Charlie leading home the MV55 category and Glyn placing third in the MV60. There was no MV65 for him to win.

This is a lovely event - well worth the trek up north. In recent years it has never been cancelled due to inclement weather.

In order to be eligible for the the overall competition runners have to post three times, for seniors one of each of the three distances: 5K, 9K and 6.5K. I believe all those that ran today have met those criteria as well as Mary Holmes who posted a time for 6.5K in December.

CONGRATULATIONS to Glyn Smith for taking 3rd overall in the MV60 series. 


U13G 3K   6 finishers   1st 13:08

3rd Sorcha Barnes 13:30

Senior Men 6.5K  53 finishers  1st 22:18

17th Ben Chamberlain 26:27

22nd Charlie Ritchie 27:07 1st MV55

33rd Glyn Smith 29:43 3rd MV60 (1st MV65)


English Schools Athletics Association XC Championships - Saturday 16th March, 2013

Another muddy day out for the junior representatives of the club at Catton Hall, Derbyshire. Claire Wison was the top finisher of the day with a superb 6th position out of 331 finishers in the Inter Girls race. She was only 30 seconds behind the winner. Next was Rob Huckle finishing a tremendous 9th of 323 finishers in the Junior Boys race. This was the strongest event for Cambridgeshire which finished third out of 41 complete teams. In the same event, young Jordan Wood had a strong run placing him 4th scorer. Kieran Wood (88th SB), Alice Newcombe (107th JG), Sophie Jones (116th SG) & Tim Cobden (188th IB) all finished as the first scorer for the County in their respective races. The Junior Girls and Inter Boys were well supported by the club with 4 finishers in each. It was good to see some of our other junior members supporting our regular cross country runners in what was the last race of the season. Come back for more next year. 

Well done to all those who completed the cross country season. All your hard work over the winter should pay off on the track this summer.


Junior Girls 333 finishers 1st 10:56

107th Alice Newcombe 12:23 (1st Cambs)

240th Belinda Dow 13:10 (4th Cambs)

259th Amy Chalmers 13:18 (5th Cambs)

313th Sarah Brunton 13:53 

Junior Boys 323 finishers 1st 14:15

9th Robert Huckle 15:02 (1st Cambs)

41st Jordan Wood 15:44 (4th Cambs)

Inter Girls 331 finishers 1st 12:58

6th Claire Wilson 13:28 (1st Cambs)

Inter Boys 299 finishers 1st 19:19

188th Timothy Cobden 22:19 (1st Cambs)

210th Thomas Blatch 22:35 (1st Cambs)

227th Oliver Cantrill 22:48 (3rd Cambs)

256th James Tapley 23:38 (6th Cambs)

Senior Girls 288 finishers 1st 16:15

116th Sophie Jones 19:49 (1st Cambs)

Senior Boys 311 finishers 1st 21:42

88th Kieran Wood 23:31 (1st Cambs)

162nd Louis Rawlings 24:40 (3rd Cambs)

Full championships results.




British Masters Athletics Federation Cross Country Championships - Saturday 16th March 2013

Our club President, Mary Holmes and cross country representative, Helen Grant, ventured north to Herrington Park, Sunderland for this year's Master's National. The chilly conditions were probably more usual than the 20 degrees C we had last year in Bath. All the ladies ran the 6Km race with the men aged 65 and over. The three lap course avoided the heavily churned up mud from the English National event three weeks before but the tight corners still muddied up as the race progressed. The event was combined with the Northern Veterans Cross Country Championships which made for a competitive field of 131 finishers. Mary took the gold medal in her age FV75 group. She had been expecting to battle it out with her local Eastern Vets rival but in her absence Mary chased the FV70 winner (and any MV75 within her grasp). Helen, now in a new age group, placed one better than she did last year. Her satisfaction came from not being passed by any women or men after the first lap. We had no representatives in the mens 35-64 8K race. It would be nice to have more company should the event be closer to home next year.

Women 35+ and Men 65+ (6K) 131 finishers, 1st 22:57

52nd Helen Grant 28:46 6th FV50

124th Mary Holmes 38:29 1st FV75

Men 35-64 (8K) 144 finishers, 1st 27:53

no C & C representatives

Full championship results.



CAU Inter-Counties Cross Country Championships - Saturday 9th March 2013

The usual course at Cofton Park, Birmingham was far more difficult to run than last year with several places turning to slippery mud after the first race. The change of format meant some of the youngest athletes, with the shortest legs, had to negotiate the deepest mud. This however did not deter our juniors from putting in some great performances. We had representatives in most age groups with club members, Alice Newcombe, Faye McLellan, Rob Huckle and Kieran Wood leading home the County teams - all with big improvements on last year. Will McKay lead home the senior men with Mike Salt (now MV40) putting in an outstanding performance to finish third scorer.


U13G 3K 302 finishers 1st 10:58

299th Sarah Brunton 15:06

U13B 3K 311 finishers 1st 10:27

152nd Thomas Keen 11:45

224th Peter Cooke 12:09

U15G 4K 287 finishers 1st 16:56

38th Alice Newcombe 18:30 (1st Cambs)

163rd Diana Chalmers 19:52 (2nd Cambs)

224th Amy Chalmers 20:28

228th Belinda Dow 20:32

U15B 4.5K 288 finishers 1st 16:02

52nd Robert Huckle 17:11 (1st Cambs)

154th Jordan Wood 18:04 (3rd Cambs)

215th Robert Sewell 18:44

U17W 5K 233 finishers 1st 19:13

81st Faye McLellan 22:03 (1st Cambs)

183rd Sophie Jones 24:05

U17M 6K 277 finishers 1st 18:15

74th Kieran Wood 19:49 (1st Cambs)

131th Timothy Cobden 20:19 (2nd Cambs)

266th James Redman 23:09

U20W 6K 145 finishers 1st 19:41

No C & C representatives.

U20M 8K 200 finishers 1st 24:51

No C & C representatives.

Senior Women 8K 291 finishers 1st 26:58

258th Helen Grant 35:09 (3rd Cambs) FV50

Senior Men 12K 290 finishers 1st 33:54

94th William McKay 37:35 (1st Cambs)

157th Mike Salt 38:51 (3rd Cambs) MV40

Full Championship Results.


Frostbite League Race 6 - Sunday 3rd March 2013

The results from this race can be found here.


English Cross Country Championships (The Nationals) - Saturday 23rd February 2013

Race report by Mark Vile:

This weekend a few die hard cross country runners travelled to Sunderland for the National Championships. Most of the group travelled up on Friday night to wake up on Saturday morning to find their cars covered in snow! On arriving at the course it was clear that the day's races were going to be tough. The course was not only covered in snow but getting very muddy in places. It was going test all our athletes especially the senior men who probably ran all 12K in the mud.

The first group to race were the U17 women. Claire Wilson showed us why she has a great future in this sport as she finished in 10th place. A great result from an athlete that still has another year in this age group. Claire was followed home by a fast finishing Faye McLellan in 49th place which is a remarkable run considering last year she only finished in 80th place in the Southern Championships! Sophie Jones ran well to finish 83rd despite falling in the early stages of the race. In the U15 boy's race Rob Huckle ran very well to finish 39th. Jordan Wood was next to finish in a fine 69th place. Robert Brunton was our third runner home in 215th. Sarah Brunton was our only runner in the U13 girls event and ran very well to finish 186th. In the U20 women's event Georgina Schwiening finished 35th despite not feeling well on the day. The U17 men's race brought us the greatest excitement of the day. Kieran Wood, who has said in the past that he does not like cross country, took off from the gun and was leading the race until the 2K point. He eventually finished 18th, only 30 secs behind the winner. I believe it is sometime since an athlete from C&C lead the English National Cross Country Championships! It was great to hear his name and our club over the public address system and for 6 mins or so we thought we might have a national champion from our club! The U15 girl's race went very well for C&C with Alice Newcombe first home in 25th place. She was followed by Diana Chalmers in 48th and her sister Amy in 52nd. Thomas Keen, who has only been running for a few months, ran a fantastic race in his first National Championships to finish 45th out of over 200 runner the U13 boys event. Thomas is still only 11 years old!

Helen Grant was our only senior women to compete and she finished an excellent 186th out of 427 runners! We had 3 Senior men competing with Duncan Coombs coming home first in 190th followed by Matt Applegate in 451st. Christof Schwiening could not quite match the performance of his daughter earlier but did very well to come home in 762nd.

The great news for us is that most of the young athletes listed above have another year in their age groups and with all the new athletes coming through the club system we are hopeful that our club could do very well at next year's championships.

Well done to all the athletes and parents that travelled to Sunderland. You did us all proud.


By Helen:

Many thanks go to Mark Vile and Jo Newcombe for managing both the junior and senior teams. They were both out in those tough conditions from 9am to I guess 4.30pm whilst advising all those who ran to get back in the warm asap. That advice was greatly appreciated.

U13 Girls 3K 264 finishers  1st 11:26
186th  Sarah Brunton




U13 Boys 3K 205 finishers 1st  11:07

45th  Thomas Keen 12:22                        


U15 Boys 4.5K 223 finishers 1st 15:02

39th  Robert Huckle 16:35                        
69th  Jordan Wood 17:05                        
215th  Robert Brunton 21:41                        


U15 Girls 4K 208 finishers 1st 17:12

25th  Alice Newcombe 18:28                        
47th  Diana Chalmers 19:09                        
52nd  Amy Chalmers 19:20                        


U17 Men 6K 226 finishers  1st 20:32

18th  Kieran Wood 21:06                        


U17 Women 5K 150 finishers 1st 18:00

10th  Claire Wilson 19:02                        
49th  Faye McLellan  20:37                        
83rd  Sophie Jones 22:06                        


Junior U20 Women 6K 99 finishers 1st 21:35

35th  George Schwiening 25:20                        


Senior Men 12K 1085 finishers 1st 41:21

190th  Duncan Coombs 48:41                        
451st  Matthew Applegate 54:36                        
762nd  Christof Schwiening 1:01:56                        


Senior Women 8K 427 finishers 1st 29:31

186th  Helen Grant 40:32                        

Full Championship Results.




Ryston Grand Prix Race 5 - Sunday 17th February 2013

This month we only had two representatives tackling the second of two 9K events at Shouldham Warren. Cross country die hard Glyn Smith did well to finish in 3rd in the MV60 age group. This two lap hilly course is one of his favourites. Becky Wilburn finished but wasn't happy with her time having kissed the ground on a relatively flat part of the course and having to walk in parts to get her aching limbs back into action. Better luck next time Becky.

Senior Men 9K 69 finishers 1st 29:44

Glyn Smith 40:14 3rd MV60

Senior Women 9K 23 finishers 1st 36:26

Becky Wilburn 53:14 8th FV35



Re-scheduled South of England Cross Country Championships - Saturday 16th February 2013

This event, held at Parliament Hill Fields, N. London had been postponed from January 26th. As a result only half of those who originally wished to run were able to make it. Those that did ran well and it served as excellent practice for the Nationals next week.

U13B 3K 204 finishers 1st 10:33

56th Thomas Keen 11:44

U15G 4K 187 finishers 1st 13:50

17th Alice Newcombe 14:44

42nd Diana Chalmers 15:27

78th Amy Chalmers 16:22

97th Belinda Dow 16:31

U17W 5K 102 finishers 1st 17:29

5th Claire Wilson 19:14

32nd Faye McLellan 21:33

70th Sophie Jones 23:31

U17M 6K 151 finishers 1st 19:59

101st Daniel Cade 23:13

119th James Redman 24:03

U20W 6K 53 finishers 1st 21:11

10th George Schweining 23:52

Senior Men 15K 541 finishers 1st 48:10

30th Michael Salt 53:25 3rd MV40

120th James Chettle 59:15

304th Christof Schweining 68:44

Full championship results.



Frostbite League Race 5 - Sunday 10th February 2013

The results from this race can be found here.


Ryston Grand Prix Race 4 - Sunday 20th January 2013

Three members ventured north this weekend to test themselves in the snow at Shouldram Warren. Sorcha Barnes finished second in the U13G. Cross Country diehards Gerald and Glyn completed the second 5K with Gerald I believe beating Glyn for the first time this season. February will be the second 9K event which has plenty of testing hills! 

U13G 3K 4 finishers 1st 12:11

2nd Sorcha Barnes 14:41

Senior Men 5K 53 finishers 1st 17:30

32nd Gerald Meah 22:20 4th MV50

38th Glyn Smith 23:01 3rd MV60


Frostbite Race 4 - Sunday 13th January 2013

The results from this race can be found here.


Essex League Race 5 - Saturday 12th January 2013

Orion A.C. treated us to a mud bath on Chingford Plain (for the juniors) and in Epping Forest (for the seniors). Those who braved the cold easterly wind were not disappointed apart from Alice N. who, on losing both shoes early in the race, very sensibly decided to stop rather than battle on and pick up an injury in the slippery mud. First out was young William N. who battled his way round to finish 10th of 52 finishers in the U11 combined invitational 2K race. Peter Cook was our only representative in the U13 age group and ran well to finish 14th in a field of 40. In the U15G's race Diana C. finished a close second with her sister Amy and Belinda Dow all finishing within the top 10. Great team running girls. Jordan W. looked very strong as he finished 8th in the U15B race. He was our only representative. Star of the day was Claire Wilson running away from the field with another emphatic win in the U17W 5K event. That was 4 wins of 4 in her first season at the Essex League. Keep up the good work Claire. 

We moved to the shelter of Epping Forest for the senior and U17M races. Less wind but more mud. Apparently the course had dried out since the Chingford League a couple of weeks ago! The U17M always start with the senior women and that's the last Helen usually sees of our club's youngsters. After 6.5K, Kieran W. tried very hard but lost out by a second in a sprint finish to a non scorer. Newcomer James Redman and Tim C. (who prefers the shorter distance) did well to finish 14/15th respectively in a field of 29 finishers. To quote Tim "if you ran this course all the time you'd get good!" Helen's short legs made it tough for her in the mud but she did manage to catch the back end of the U17M field which is always a good target when you don't know who you are actually racing in the FV45 category. 

Our senior men had  a strong run in the 8.5K race with Alan P. gliding through to have his best finish of the season, 19th in a field of 120 finishers. A steady stream of senior and veteran men brought the team home in 8th position overall (John F., Neil C., Andrew S., Charlie R., Glyn S.). Charlie was very pleased to make the top 100 and Gerald M. said he was happy to finish with so few miles in training in his legs. Ben Chamberlain continued to smile all the way with so many miles of racing under his belt in one day - he'd come straight from a speedy finish at the inaugural Wimpole Estate ParkRun that morning. Well done guys, that performance brought you home 11th club overall in a field of 25. 

U11 mixed invitational (2K) 52 finishers 1st 8:16

10th William Newcombe 9:08

U13G (3.2K) 36 finishers 1st 13:20

U13B (3.2K) 40 finishers 1st 12:13

14th Peter Cook 14:58

U15G (4.5K) 33 finishers 1st 19:04

2nd Diana Chalmers 19:06

6th Amy Chalmers 19:43

8th Belinda Dow 20:00

U15B (4.5K) 33 finishers 1st 15:58

8th Jordan Wood 17:33

U17W (5K) 34 finishers 1st 19:27

1st Claire Wilson 19:27

U17M (6.5K) 29 finishers 1st 24:05

2nd Kieran Wood 24:06

14th James Redman 27:43

15th Timothy Cobden 27:49

SW (6.5K) 77 finishers 1st 27:21

26th Helen Grant 32:15   5th FV45

SM (8.5K) 120 finishers 1st 31:02

19th Alan Pritchard 34:18

43rd John Ferguson 36:42 MV40

53rd Neil Carrington 37:30 

65th Andrew Shields 38:41 MV40

88th Charlie Ritchie 41:31 9th MV50

100th Glyn Smith 44:33 3rd MV60

112th Gerald Meah 46:58 MV50

116th Ben Chamberlain 47:49 



Cambridgeshire Cross Country Championships - Sunday 6th January 2013

A great turn out today and some superb individual and team performances by our juniors and seniors. Thank you for supporting the club by running, coaching, assisting with the championship and/or in supporting your family and friends. It's always much appreciated.

Full results.

If, on finishing, you received an invitiation to represent Cambridgeshire in the Inter Counties in B'ham on Saturday 9th March, please reply to the Cambridgeshire Team Coach, Kevin McKevitt as soon as possible. Keep him posted of any changes. If you are unable to run there's always another athlete who may like the opportunity. 


Frostbite League Race 3 - Sunday 16th December 

Hinchingbrooke Park, Huntingdon always makes for a slippery winter venue but this time the course had to be modified due to flooding. Enough senior men turned out to bring the team home in fourth place, just sufficient to maintain second to NVH in the senior league overall. Alex Geoghagen lead home the ladies with Margaret Phillips (JEP's Mum) second making her racing debut. Ladies - come back next year. Amy Chalmers and Ewan Frolich were our sole representatives in the junior 1.5 mile event. Amy did well to finish first girl and 9th overall within 24 hours of running all those hills in Essex. The next event, hosted by March AC at Whiltemoor Prison, is Sunday 13th January. Fast, flat and probably windy!

Full Race Results

Ryston GP Race 3 - Sunday 16th December

Our club President, Mary, flew the flag at Ryston today posting her time for the 6.5K course. In order to score in the overall competition a competitor has to post a time for each of the three distances. This was a tough call this weekend as both the Essex League and Frostbite changed their December fixtures to what was originally a Ryston weekend. Hopefully more members will be able to turnout in the new year when there are no such clashes. The next meet is a repeat of the 5K on Sunday 20th January.

Senior Women 36 finishers  1st 22:52

32nd Mary Holmes 37:16   4th FV55 (1st FV75)


Essex League Race 4 - Saturday 15th December 

The course at Gloucester Park, Basildon was not for the fainthearted. Anyone coming from the flatlands of Cambridgeshire could rightly mistake this for a ski resort with mud instead of snow. The summit of the hill was an excellent vantage point for cheering on our athletes as they climbed the same hill three times - each loop. The hills did not intimidate our well prepared junior athletes who put in some excellent performances. That and good team running in the U15 and U17 age groups brought all four teams home in fourth position. They continue to place 4-6th in the league rankings. We were one short of a lady but enough veterans turned out to help John Ferguson lead home a scoring men's team. Both the senior men and women are still ranked middle of the league overall, however, a strong turnout will be required at the final meet on Saturday 12th January to maintain these positions. 

U11G Invitational 2K 25 finishers  1st 7:46

4th Beth Wilson

U11B Invitational 2K 20 finishers  1st 7:40

9th William Newcombe 8:42

U13G 3K 38 finishers  1st 14:19

U13B 3K 45 finishers  1st 14:48

42nd Oliver Newman 19:30

U15G 4K 36 finishers  1st 17:38

2nd Alice Newcombe 17:54

11th Amy Chalmers 19:23

31st Alexia Wilson 23:22

32nd Charlotte Tame 23:33

33rd Melissa Dix 23:41

U15B 4K 30 finishers  1st 15:38

6th Rob Huckle 16:37

11th Jordan Wood 16:54

19th Harry Topham 18:07

U17/U20W 5K 35 finishers 1st 18:45

1st Claire Wilson 18:45 

13th Faye McLellan 21:28  7th U17W

14th Sophie Jones 21:57  8th U17W

U17M 6.6K 26 finishers  1st 27:36

4th Kieran Wood 28:33

13th Timothy Cobden 31:33

Senior Women 6.6K  69 finishers  1st 31:26

22nd Helen Grant 35:58    3rd FV45

32nd Clare Garvey 38:47  12th FV35

35th Alison Wilson 39:44   8th FV45

Senior Men 7.7K 166 finishers  1st 28:66

40th John Ferguson 32:47     7th V40

97th Simon Brightwell 37:19  V40

113th Charlie Ritchie 39:31    8th V50

115th Alan Huckle 39:48        9th V50

118th Ben Chamberlain 40:04 

129th Glyn Smith 41:55        2nd V60

152nd Neil Costello 46:33      10th V60



Eastern Veterans A.C. Cross Country Championships - Saturday 8th December

Five of the more senior members of the club supported this event which was held inconjuction with The Kettering Charity Cup at Wicksteed Park, Kettering. It was a beautiful day to run but the grassy fields tougher than they looked. In parts your feet were under water or in mud with every step. Mary, John, Diana and Helen ran the 4.9K Championship event all finishing with medals. John took gold and all the ladies silver in their age groups. Any men under the age of 65 had to run the 10K Championships event and Gerald, despite his lack of miles, managed to take the silver in his age group. Although this event clashed with the South of England Masters Cross Country Championship the competition was improved by Northampton holding it's Masters Championship within the same event. Next year it would be good to see more of the club's veteran runners supporting this event. We have a lot of strong veterans who could do well as individuals and as a team. If you join EVAC it gives you the opportunity to enter into the Regional (EVAC) and National (BMAF) events. When you run an event such as this you wear you age category on your back so you know exactly who you are racing to the finish line. Click here for more details.

Senior Women  4.9K  38 finishers 1st 19:25

9th Helen Grant  2nd FV45

29th Diana Braverman 2nd FV60

34th Mary Holmes 2nd FV75

Veteran Men 65+years 4.9K  13 finishers 1st 21:15

4th John Jenkins 1st V65

Senior Men 10K 1st 52 finishers 35:35

51st Gerald Meah 2nd V55



McCain Cross Country Challenge Race 2 - Saturday 24th November 2012

Report by Mark Vile:


The club had three young athletes competing against the best in Britain in Sefton Park, Liverpool. Thomas Heylen finished just 25 secs behind the winner in 16th place which was a great run. Alice Newcombe finished in 25th place in a field of 106 of the best U15 girls in the country. Claire Wilson finished in 8th place in the u17 girls race, which was an amazing run as Claire had to compete with the u20 women who were competing for a place in the Great Britain team for the European cross country championships. Claire finished just 43 secs off qualifying for the European championships! Claire now has another four years to achieve that aim.
This has shown that C&C has distance athletes that will go on to compete for their nation in the near future. We need to build on this success and get all our young athletes out competing for the club as this is the only way to improve our standards.
In the senior men's race of 480 finishers Sullivan Smith finished a very creditable 91st placing him second in the V35 age group.
U15B  126 finishers 1st 10:05
16th Thomas Heylen 10:30
U15G 106 finishers 1st 11:04
25th Alice Newcombe 12:03
U20W 150 finishers 1st 15:17
23rd Claire Wilson 16:32 (8th U17W)
Senior Men 480 finishers 1st 29:55
91st Sullivan Smith 33:09 (2nd V35)



Ryston GP Race 2 - Sunday 18th November 2012

The first of the two 9K events clashed with a busy racing weekend so only two devotees to Ryston ran - Gemma Coe and Mary Holmes. Both prefer the shorter distances so did well to finish 4th and 5th in their respective age groups. Even better when you consider Mary could be 21 years older than others in her FV55 category. Well done ladies. Next time you'll only have to run one lap of 6.5K.

Senior Women 9K 54 finishers 1st 32:13

4th Gemma Coe 33:30

46th Mary Holmes 52:24 (5th FV55 / 1st FV75)



Essex League Race 3 - Saturday 17th November 2012

Junior report by Mark Vile:


C&C Juniors had their best day yet since joining the Essex League this year. Claire Wilson (U17G) followed up her victory last week at Colchester with another emphatic win at Hylands Park, Chelmsford. Claire was in a leading group of 3 at the end of the first lap but forged ahead on the second lap to take a comfortable win. Claire's was not the first victory of the day for C&C though as fast improving Alice Newcombe (U15G) worked her way through the field into second position by the end of the first lap and then set about pulling in the leader. With just 800m to go Alice took the lead and opened up a good gap on the talented Jodie Judd (Chelmsford AC). Alice was followed in by Lucy Loughlan who ran well to finish 22nd. We only had one runner in both the girls U13 and U11 races. Rebecca Barnes (U13) ran well to finish 41st and Beth Wilson (U11) did very well. Kieran Wood (U17Men) showed us that he is getting back to his best with a fine second place. He was followed home by Tim Cobden in 11th, Dan Cade in 15th and James Tapley in 20th. This was a good effort by our U17 men's team who finished 2nd team of 10. In the U15 boys race Thomas Heylen did well to finish 4th closely followed by Rob Huckle in 5th and Jordan Wood in 14th. As with the girls we only had one athlete in each of the U13 and U11 boys races. Peter Cooke ran very well to finish 15th after doing his triathlon training in the morning. Both William Newcombe and Beth Wilson  finished well up in the field in the U11 races, however at the time this report was posted the results were still not available.
Although this was a good day for us we could do even better. C&C entered this league to give good competition for our young athletes (and our senior athletes too) over the correct championship distances so it is still disappointing not to see other athletes competing at this event. We still have two meetings left with the next one taking place at Basildon on the 15th December. Let's have a better turnout for that meeting and show the Eastern region how strong we are as a Club!
This weekend it was ladies who did us proud finishing 5th team of 17. Even better when you consider all those that ran are vets. Jo Coates was pleased to improve one position to finish 4th. She was backed up by a close packing Helen in 22nd, Ali Wilson in 29th and Clare Garvey 34th. This was Clare's first experience of cross country and having learnt it's more about the finish position than the finish time she says she's been inspired to do more. Only 5 senior men turned out this weekend which was disappointing since it's six to score. Newcomer Andy Sewell was first home followed by the recent converts to cross country Charlie R. and Ben C. who are always close and Glyn S. and Gerald M. who have been battling it out for many years.
As Mark stated above, let's have a better turnout at Basildon on 15th December. Cross country is a team sport. The senior women are currently standing 10th team of 21 and the senior men 9th team of 24. We need your support. 

U11G Invitational 2K

Beth Wilson 

U11B Invitational 2K

William Newcombe

U13 Girls 3.2K 43 finishers 1st 11:31

41st Rebecca Barnes 16:43

U13 Boys 3.2K 49 finishers 1st 11:30

15th Peter Cooke 12:31

U15 Girls 4K 39 finishers 1st 14:13

1st Alice Newcombe 14:13

22nd Lucy Loughlan 16:47

U15 Boys 4K 33 finishers 1st 12:25

4th Thomas Heylen 12:49

5th Rob Huckle 13:01

14th Jordan Wood 13:41

U17 Men 6.2K 30 finishers 1st 20:21 (C & C 2nd team of 10)

2nd Kieran Wood 20:31

11th Timothy Cobden 22:50

15th Daniel Cade 23:14

20th James Tapley 23:36

U17/U20 Women 4.9K 31 finishers 1st 17:06

1st Claire Wilson 17:06

Senior Women 6.2K 83 finishers 1st 23:52 (C & C 5th team of 17)

4th Jo Coates 24:28 (FV35)

22nd Helen Grant 27:04 (4th FV45)

29th Alison Wilson 28:04 (8th FV45)

34th Clare Garvey 28:07 (9th FV35)

Senior Men 8.1K 184 finishers 1st 25:58

105th Andrew Sewell 33:15

119th Charlie Ritchie 34:23 (V50)

122nd Ben Chamberlain 34:30

144th Glyn Smith 36:57 (V60)

147th Gerald Meah 37:20 (5th V50)




Essex League Race 2 - Saturday 10th November 2012

Some excellent individual results today with Claire Wilson winning the U17 5K race in 19:47 . She was followed in by Faye and Sophie to place the team 4th of 12 teams in this age group. Both Claire and Faye paced the race very well looking strong on the second lap. Alice Newcombe was our only representative in the U15 4K event but ran a well paced race to finish an excellent third in 18:12. Also third, was Kieran Wood in the U17M 6K race. He was backed up by Tim and Dan who brought their team home in 3rd of 12 teams. Younger brother Jordan Wood was the only representative in the U15 4K event, finishing 7th and less than a minute behind the winner. William Newcombe ran in a very competitive  U11 invitational finishing 13th of 32 finishers.

We had seven senior men out today who all ran well in the three lap 8.5K race to bring the team home one place higher than last time, 9th of 24. Once again Al Pritchard not only rallied the troops but finished a very credible 33rd in a fast paced race. He was backed up Neil C., and Charlie and Ben who both improved on last month's finish position. John F., Iain and Andrew joined the league for the first time and all ran well over the hilly terrain. Helen was our only representative in the senior women's event improving her time and finish position over 6K. 

We look forward to more juniors and seniors joining us on Saturday 17th November in Chelmsford. Click here for more details.

U11 Invitational 2K 32 finishers 1st 7:09

13th William Newcombe 7:52

U13 Girls 3K 35 finishers 1st 11:59

U13 Boys 3K 38 finishers 1st 11:33

U15 Girls 4K 34 finishers 1st 17:23

3rd Alice Newcombe 18:02

U15 Boys 4K 26 finishers 1st 16:15 

7th Jordan Wood 17:08

U17 Men 6K 27 finishers 1st 20:18 (C & C 3rd team of 12)

3rd Kieran Wood 20:47

14th Timothy Cobden 22:18

16th Daniel Cade 22:26

U17/U20 Women 5K 36 finishers 1st 19:47 (C & C 4th team of 12)

1st Claire Wilson 19:47

10th Faye McLellan 20:37

13th Sophie Jones 21:04

Senior Women 6K 101 finishers 1st 22:51

25th Helen Grant 26:13 (2nd FV45)

Senior Men 8K 187 finishers 1st 29:58 (C & C 9th team of 24)

33rd Alan Pritchard 33:02

45th John Ferguson 34:08 (8th V40)

61st Iain Wood 35:20

65th Neil Carrington 35:46

75th Andrew Shields 36:28 (V40)

117th Charlie Ritchie 39:18 (V50)

124th Ben Chamberlain 40:02


Frostbite League Race 2 - Sunday 4th November 2012

The results from this race can be found here.





Ampthill Trophy - Sunday 21st October 2012

Some excellent running by the members who ventured to the hills of Bedfordshire. In the junior one lap race (2K) Ewan Frolich improved on his time from last year to bring him home in second place in MU13 and Sorcha Barnes, now in her first year in FU13, improved her time by 1'30". This was a fast race with the first two MU11 finishers breaking the old course record. Dan Cade and Finn Barnes ran strongly over two laps (4K) finishing first and second in their respective age groups (MU17 and MU15). I believe overall winner of this race set a new MU15 course record. This was Finn's first year over the new distance having won the 2K race last year. Keep up the good work and hope to see you back next year.

In the senior 8K race, Mike Salt ran over a minute quicker than last year to retain second place and lead the rest of the team to victory in what was also the Bedford Harriers A.C. Club Championships. All five finshed in the top 15 with Alan Pritchard and Neil Carrington scoring in their first time out at this venue. Carla Brown ventured away from the flatlands of Cambridgeshire and was met with some stiff opposition from Bedford Harriers. Helen FV45s ran a minute quicker than last year but didn't retain her FV45 title. Jen Richardson took the prize for the most improved athlete of the day with a three minute improvement on last year. Next year she said she'd like to break the 50 minute barrier. The ladies from Bedford Harriers A.C. were out in force winning all three of the ladies team prizes. C & C ladies - we need more support next year.


U11 and U13 2K 1st 7:33

4th Ewan Frolich 7:54 2nd U13 Boys

26th Sorcha Barnes 9:21 8th U13 Girls

U15 and U17 4K 1st 13:29

2nd Daniel Cade 14:29 1st U17 Boys

8th Finn Barnes 15:52 2nd U15 Boys

Senior 8K  227 finishers  1st male 28:38  1st female 34:33

2nd Michael Salt 29:09 MV40

5th Alan Pritchard 31:58

11th Neil Carrington 33:04

12th Jonathan Escalante-Phillips 33:09

15th Andrew Whittle 34:02

36th Carla Brown 36:02 3rd F

62nd Helen Grant 38:22 10th F 3rd FV45

194th Jen Richardson 50:10 52nd FV35



Ryston GP Race 1 - Sunday 14th October 2012

Rich Lyle and Mary Holmes took some newcomers to try Ryston on Sunday and what a beautiful morning it was for their first time running in the forest at Shouldham Warren. Ewan and William both ran well finishing second and fourth in their respective categories. Gemma Coe was the first C & C home in the 5K event winning the senior ladies in a very respectable time. Charlie Ritchie was next, having run the Essex League the previous day. As usual Mary ran well and introduced it to the two Becky's from the Women's Running Group section of the club. It's good to see those new to running trying events off the road. 

U13 Boys 3K 10 finishers 1st 11:15

2nd Ewan Frolich 11:54

U15 Boys 3K 9 finishers 1st 9:22

4th William Holmes 11:12

Senior Men 5K 93 finishers 1st 15:48

32nd Charlie Ritchie 20:09 5th V55

Senior Women 5K 52 finishers 1st 18:28

1st Gemma Coe 18:28

29th Rebecca Anderson 26:16 7th FV35

37th Mary Holmes 27:42 4th FV55 / 1st FV75

38th Rebecca Willburn 28:10 9th FV35



Essex League Race 1 - Saturday 13th October 2012

A great turnout at Great Notley Country Park, Braintree for our first time in this league. Due to a number of other commitments we only had one complete junior team, the U15B. All four boys ran strongly to take first place of 10 teams. The girls all ran well but there was not enough in each race to make any full teams. It was great to see more seniors taking part with enough finishers to score in the both races. The women finished 9th of 17 teams and the men 10th of 22 teams. This league differs from the Frostbite in that the senior women and men run separate races. There are also veteran age groups: FV35, FV45 & FV55 and V40, V50 & V60. There are individual competitions for each age group, including the veterans. To be considered you have to finish 4 of the 5 races. The next race is at Colchester on Saturday 10th November. Full details will be posted as soon as they are made available by the host club.

U13 Girls 3K 57 finishers 1st 11:35

20th Sarah Brunton 13:15

36th Sorcha Barnes 14:43

51st Rebecca Barnes 16:09

U13 Boys 3K 52 finishers 1st 10:51

U15 Girls 4K 47 finishers 1st 15:27

5th Diana Chalmers 15:56

7th Alice Newcombe 16:05

19th Belinda Dow 17:06

U15 Boys 4K 43 finishers 1st 13:26 (1st team of 10)

3rd Thomas Heylen 13:37

5th Rob Huckle 14:09

8th Finn Barnes 14:21

21st Rob Sewell 15:06

U17 Men 6K 24 finishers 1st 20:35

U17/U20 Women 5K 41 finishers 1st 18:25

10th Faye McLellan 20:37

15th Sophie Jones 21:04

Senior Women 6K 96 finishers 1st 22:00 (9th team of 17)

6th Jo Coates 24:27 (2nd FV35)

32nd Helen Grant 27:06 (3rd FV45)

35th Joan Lasenby 27:48 (4th FV45)

77th Diana Braverman 33:25 (3rd FV55)

Senior Men 8K 189 finishers 1st 26:55 (10th team of 22)

40th Alan Pritchard 30:04

50th Andy Whittle 30:42

53rd Neil Carrington 30:49

64th Ben Jones 31:38

94th John Oakes 33:55 (8th V50)

119th Charlie Ritchie 35:45 (12th V50)

122nd Dave Edwards 36:14 (13th V50)

125th Alan Huckle 36:27 (V50)

140th Ben Chamberlain 37:35


Frostbite League Race 1 - Sunday 7th October 2012

The results from this race can be found here.


SEAA Cross Country Relays - Saturday 6th October 2012

Senior Men 4 x - 5 km. Winner: 57:33 (Team 12th of 16 in 1:06:20)


  Neil Carrington 17:03                        
  Andrew Whittle 16:51                        
  Alan Pritchard 16:31                        
  Jonathan Escalante-Phillips 15:55  


Senior Womens 3 x - 3 km. Winner: 39:14 F (Team 8th of 10 in 43:42)



Joan Lasenby

  Alison Wilson 15:02                        
  Helen Grant 14:33                        


Note: all runners in the womens team were FV45




British Masters XC Championships - Sunday 25th March 2012

Three ladies ventured to the University of Bath to take part in the 6K FV35+ and MV65+ event. After the steep hills at Stamner Park and Parliament Hill Fields this course looked deceptively flat. By the third loop the gradual but long climb took its toll in the midday sun - hardly cross country weather. This event was followed by the mens 8K - now open to anyone over the age of 34. If the thought of being one in a pack of 700 at the Southerns or 1600 at the Nationals is too much why not try this event next year. Like many of the Masters events the atmosphere is extremely friendly and to quote Mary Holmes "there's always someone to talk to". If you've been in the sport for a long time it's the perfect opportunity to meet up with old teamates and rivals.


Womens and Mens 65+ (6000m) 131 finishers, 1st W 19:05, 1st M 21:57

29th Helen Grant 22:32, 7th FV45

108th Diana Braverman 28:50, 7th FV60

124th Mary Holmes 32:45, 2nd FV75

Mens 35-64 (8000m) 155 finishers, 1st 26:36

Full Championship Results.


Ryston GP Race 6 - Sunday 18th March

C & C finished on a successful note at Souldham Warren bringing home a host of individual awards, the most improved club of the season and second visiting club. That's second to City of Norwich. All those running came home with an award, be it a memento for completing the series (posting a time for each of the three distances 5, 9 and 6.5K). The individual race and overall results can be found below.

Race results.

Full results.

Below are the C & C members who placed in the overall series:

U13B Finn Barnes 1st

U13G Amy Chalmers 1st

U13G Alice Newcombe 3rd

U15G Charlotte-Tara Murphy 1st

U15G Claire Wilson 2nd

FV45 Helen Grant 1st

FV55 Mary Holmes 2nd

No open records were broken this year but Charlotte-Tara Murphy was one of three who came very close.

Many thanks go to Ryston Runners for continuing to organise this "gem" of an event and all the C & C members who ventured north this season to help bring home two highly sort after trophies. Hope to see you and more there next season.


Frostbite Race 5 - Sunday 4th March

A tremendous effort by all those who turned out for the final race of the season. Despite the wintery weather many ran personal bests or set seasons bests on the flat, fast 5 mile road course around Huntingdon. Sullivan lead the men's field home with others in hot pursuit. The ladies turnout was not quite as strong as usual but those that ran did us proud with Maddy leading the way in 4th female overall. Once again the club dominated the junior race with C & C members finishing 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th and our juniors in the top 25 of 132 finishers. The race results and the full results for the season are posted below. Many thanks go to all those who helped retain the Senior Team title and add the Junior Team title: athletes, coaches, parents, family and dedicated supporters of the white and blues. Hope to see you back for more next year.

Race results.

Full results.



English Cross Country Championships - Saturday 25th February

Junior report by Mark Vile:


Once again our youngsters did us proud at the biggest event of the year for Club cross country running. It was fantastic to see some many athletes and parents enjoying the spectacle that is the National Championships.
Our under 13 girls finished 12th of 46 completed teams. 368 girls finished the race and first in for C&C was Alice Newcombe in 35th place. Alice improved by a massive 212 places on her position in last years race. Alice was backed up by Amy Chalmers 77th, Emma Schaertlin Coffey 91st, Lauren Murphy 142nd and Sarah Brunton 158th.
Finn Barnes and Robert Huckle ran superb races in the U13 boys age group to finish 17th and 27th respectively. 373 boys finished this race which shows how well they both ran. The team finished 18th out of 39 teams with the help of Robert Brunton 306th, Daniel Kerwin 309th and Chris Blatch 343rd.
Claire Wilson continued to show top form finishing 12th in the U15 girls race. This is an outstanding achievement in a very strong field. Charlotte Gillard ran a good race to finish 66th with Diana Chalmers in 92nd and Lucy Loughlan in 288th. This gave the team a good 14th place out of 42 teams. Charlotte Murphy unfortunatelycould not finish following a bad fall on the second lap.
We had 3 good runs from our U15 boys. Thomas Heylen finished stongly in 83rd pace with a fast finishing Oliver Cantrill in 89th. Thomas Blatch did well to finish 146th as he had a stomach pains for most of the race. The most encouraging aspect for me is that all three of our boys are in this age group next year and I am sure a team medal will be on the cards for C&C.
The U17 women were the first race of the day and what a start it was for C&C. George Schwiening stormed to a fantastic 14th place in field that had serveral GB international athletes competing. George was backed up by a good run from Sophie Jones in 74th place, With Zoe Mcdonald in 122nd and Faye Mclellen 144th our girls finished a very good 11th place.
We had two U17 men competing in their first National championships and they both did well. Kieran Woods finished in 154th and Dan Cade finished in 245th.
Here's looking forward to Championships next year.
Senior Report:
It's been many years since C & C AC had enough men running to score in the 6 finishers team event. A combination of senior men and veterans placed well enough to finish 39th out of 125 teams. Mike Salt brought the team home in a very respectable 174th closely followed by youngster James Chettle. John, David and Christof are seasoned cross country representatives with Kye and Matthew joining them this year. In the ladies race, Diana continued to fly the C & C flag supported by Helen, running her first National since 1987. Let's see more of you out there next year.
Senior Men (12,000m) 1688 finishers, 1st 35:56
174th Michael Salt 41:05
177th James Chettle 41:10
437th John Ferguson 44:41
596th Kye Liddle 46:37
760th David Pettitt 48:30
777th Matthew Applegate 48:46
973rd Christof Schwiening 51:07
Senior Women (8,000m) 650 finishers, 1st 27:06
244th Helen Grant 36:00
485th Diana Braverman 42:11


Full Championship Results.


Sunday League Match 5 - Sunday 19th February

It's good to see Mike Salt back in action with a clear win of over 40 seconds in the final match on Royston Heath. Ben Chamberlain, a newcomber to the club, attempted this hilly course along with Glyn Smith, known to like the hills, who posted 3rd in the MV65 category. Diana Braverman was once again our only female representative, maintaining a consistent 3rd in the FV55. The hills would have been good practice for the Nationals, next weekend at the classic venue of Parliament Hill.

261 finishers: 169 men (fastest 32:20) 92 women (fastest 37:19)

1st Mike Salt 32:20

111th Ben Chamberlain (94th man)

139th Glyn Smith (114th man / 3rd MV65)

199th Diana Braverman 51:19 (54th woman / 3rd FV55)

Congratulations to Diana for finshing 3rd FV55 in the overall league.





Ryston GP Race 5 - Sunday 12th February

Two families ventured north to take part in what will probably be the coldest event in the series. Understandably the number of finishers was lower in all categories. Once again Finn Barnes came home with a medal, silver in the U13B, whilst his sister Sorcha finished a consistent 5th in the U11G. The Bruntons competed for the first time this season with Sarah finishing 4th in the U13G and her brother Robert 10th in the U13B. Thank you to both families for continuing to fly the C & C flag.

Race results.

Full results.

Anglican Schools Cross Country Championships - Saturday 4th February


Noel Moss very kindly extracted the following results for C&C club members from the Anglian schools XC Championships held at Royal Hospital School, Holbrook, nr Ipswich. They were lucky to get this event finished before the snow came down.
Note the age groups are different to the UKA XC age groups because the schools use age in the current school year.
Under 20 men
31st James Cochrane 24.52
Under 17 men
14th Kieran Wood 19.19
19th Louis Rawlings 19.43
22nd Will Taylor 19.45
37th Dan Cade 20.18
48th Tim Cobden 21.06
Under 15 Boys
1st Thomas Heylen 12.54
3rd Oliver Cantrill 12.58
9th Thomas Blatch 13.19
25th Robert Huckle 13.51
34th Robert sewell 14.11
Under 13 boys
16th Niall Ackroyd 12.45
42nd Ewan Frolich No Time taken
Under 17 Women
1st Claire Wilson 16.28
5th Hollie Parker 17.16
8th Charlotte Gillard 17.30
19th Zoe MacDonald 18.21
21st Sophie Jones 18.29
27th Faye McLellan 18.47
41st Lucy Weber 19.30
Under 15 Girls
2nd Diana Chalmers 12.14
3rd Charlotte T Murphy 12.15
6th Amy Chalmers 12.39
13th Alice newcombe 13.01
23rd Emma Schaertlin Coffey 13.25
Under 13 Girls
3rd Lauren Murphy 10.19
19th Sarah Brunton 11.01
49th Julaina Rehakova No time taken
Cambridgeshire won the under 17 women, and were 2nd in the under 15 girls (5 of the 6 scoring athletes were from C&C in both cases).
Well done to you and good luck with your preparation for the National Schools event on March 17th.


South of England Cross Country Championships - Saturday 28th January

Great runs by all that made their way to the Stanmer Park, Brighton for the "Southerns". The weather was beautiful, the course excellent for spectators and there was plenty of competition to test our junior members that have been used to leading the pack so far this season. George S. claimed the highest position of the day with her 11th in the U17W. This was closely followed by Claire W. 12th and Charlotte-Tara M. 16th in the U15G. Think County Champs multiplied by ten. I understand the senior men have renamed the park "Stamina Park" after completing 1400ft of ascent over the 15K they ran. Running hill sessions at Magog Downs Dog Park was definitely the best preparation you could do in a city as flat as Cambridge. A few more are definitely required before the National Championships at Parliament Hill.

The full results for the senior women and U13G are still to be confirmed. They will be added as soon as practicable. Due to last minute apologies the club was unable to field the full teams entered. This was disappointing for those who made the effort and expense to drive down the night before in preparation for what could have been a great a team event. with three U15 girls in the top 50 C & C could have taken a silver medal with another top finisher.

Many thanks go to all the parents, family and friends who supported those that ran. To Mark Vile for doing a great job as Team Manager and Rich Lyle for cheering everyone all the way to the finish line. Your continued support is much appreciated.

Senior Men (15,000m) 745 finishers, 1st 49:11

101st Miguel Branco 56:10 (2nd claim)

102nd James Chettle 56:14

171st Noel Carroll 58:44

251st John Ferguson 61:23

383rd Matthew Applegate 66:15

528th Christof Schwiening 71:32

Senior Women (8000m) 335 finishers, 1st 29:44

114th Helen Grant 36:50

180th Alison Wilson 39:57

244th Diana Braverman 43:28

U17 Women (5000m) 100 finishers, 1st 17:12

11th George Schwiening 18:25

78th Faye McLellan 21:33

U15 Boys (4500m) 211 finishers, 1st 14:46

68th Thomas Heylen 16:35

U15 Girls (4000m) 198 finishers, 1st 14:05

12th Claire Wilson 15:01

16th Charlotte-Tara Murphy 15:13

43rd Diana Chalmers 15:45

164th Lucy Loughlan 18:20

U13 Girls (3000m) 218 finishers, 1st 10:46

20th Amy Chalmers 11:41

58th Alice Newcombe 12:18

108th Lauren Murphy 12:44


Midlands Cross Country Championships - Saturday 28th January

A fine performance by Lucy Dowsett now based at Birmingham University and running in the senior womens event in Nottingham. She finished a very credible 10th in 29:19 out of 167 finisher (1st 27:43).



Frostbite Race 4 - Sunday 15th February

Another successful day out for C & C at Whitemoor Prison, March with wins for the juniors and seniors. The flat, fast course around the nature reserve provided an easy run for many of our juniors who had run hard and very successfully in the Cambridgeshire school competition the previous day. We had 17 finishers supported by their parents and coaches Mark Vile and Alan Baldock. It was good to see some newcomers getting stuck into the big pack and having a go. The individual times and positions for all are given in the Race Results table attached below. Cumulative results for C & C members will be added as soon as practicable. Click on the Junior Excel worksheet.

Although we didn't get quite the same numbers out for the senior race we did have success on many levels. An overall win to maintain our lead. NVH had 4 men in the top 6 finishers but no ladies to back them up. It was good to see the Italians, Giacomo and Guilio back out there and Paul Rudin & Neil Costello returning to form. Probably the greatest success of the day was introducing some our new members to the series - Charlie, Ben, Diane and Dan. Good to see you out there and we hope you come back for more.

Are you aware that there two ongoing internal competitions: one based on finish time & the other on WAVA age-grade %. The standings for these can be found by clicking Full Results and selecting the Senior Excel worksheet. In order to get an age-grade % you need to enter your date of birth in the Run Cambridge database. Please note that these stats are based on the 2006 WAVA age-grade tables. A more up-to-date version should be in use next season.

Next months event is at Bourne, Lincs. on Sunday 5th February. It is the most distant venue but well worth the drive - all off road, fields, hills, forest and mud if wet. Excellent training for all. Car pooling will be encouraged. See you there.

Race results.

Full results.


Ryston GP Race 4 - Sunday 15th January

The number of members running this event was lower than usual with many favouring the Frostbite event. However, those that did venture to Shouldham Warren did the club proud. Finn Barnes maintained his lead in the U13B event and Emma Schaertlin-Coffey took second in the U13W. Sorcha Barnes running in the U11G this week finished a strong 5th. The senior and U17s ran the short course of 5K. Gemma Coe, Zoe MacDonald and Guy Kenddall posted some fast times to come second and third in their age groups. Mary Holmes, posted another superb second in the FV55 which is looking good for her to take an overall silver medal in the GP series. David Pettitt and Gerald Meah represented the club in the senior mens competition posting good times for the hilly 5K off road course.

The next event in the series is the re-run of the two loop, 9K course on Sunday 12th February. This is a superb opportunity to run a testing hilly course. Unlike this month it DOESN'T clash with any other events. So see you there.

Race results.

Full results.


Sunday League Match 4 - Sunday 15th January

Race report by Diana:

Terry and I were the only C&C competitors at the Tewin fixture. This was mostly run on track and field edges with the added hurdle of several kissing gates and a very steep hill. There were two laps and by the second, parts had become quite muddy and slippery but we both felt we had run as well as we could and enjoyed it.

The 5th and final Match will be run on Royston Heath on Sunday 19th February. This superb training ground is on our doorstep. Consider making the effort to turn out. All those hills will provide an excellent training for all those running the national xc event the following week. Even if you are not running the national it will make a change from those hills you slog up at Wandlebury / Magog Downs. Hope to see you there.

304 finishers: 206 men (fastest 32:21) 98 women (fastest 38:00)

249th Diana Braverman 52:56 (3rd FV55)

283rd Terry Braverman 57:35 (MV60)


Cambridgeshire Cross Country Championships - Sunday 8th January

From Mark Vile / Noel Moss:

What a great day for C&C at the County Cross Country Championships. It is not an understatement to say that as a club C&C dominated this competition. 8 individual gold medals and 7 team golds which is outstanding and certainly the best C&C performance in recent years.


Under 11s - C&C had just one runner today and that was Beth Wilson who ran a great race to finish 5th and she will still be in this age group next year.


U13 Girls - C&C completely dominated this age group filling the first 5 places. Lucy Parker did what she does best and to lead from the start despite a marshal trying to send her the wrong way! Lucy powered her way to the title for the second year running. Lucy could not relax as her team mates were chasing hard all the way. Amy Chalmers took the silver medal followed closely by Alice Newcombe in third. The three girls obviously took the team title.

A great run from Lauren Murphy saw her take fourth place overall. Lauren still has another year in this age group. Next in for C&C in 5th place was Emma Schaertlin-Coffey who was backed up by Sarah Brunton in 7th. These three girls claimed the silver team medals for C&C.

Three good runs from Emily Gillard in 16th, Eleanor Shields in 28th and Sorcha Barnes in 39th meant that C&C finished with 3 teams in the top ten teams.


U13 Boys - The pressure was on the boys after a great start by our girls and they certainly did not disappoint. Finn Barnes stormed to victory over a strong field, closely followed by a fast finishing Robert Huckle in second. These two were backed up by a good performance from Robert Brunton in 11th place to take the team title.

C&C’s second team also ran very well with Christopher Blatch finishing in a very good 18th, Daniel Kerwin in 22nd and Samuel Clarke in 33rd . This team finished 7th overall.


U15 Girls - Another clean sweep for C&C. This race was the closest race of the day. Hollie Parker and Claire Wilson ran neck and neck all the way. It was anyone’s guess who was going to take it and as the girls crossed the line together nobody could separate them. It was decided that it was a dead heat and the judges awarded the county title to both girls.

Hollie and Claire where back up by Charlotte-Tara Murphy who ran a strong race to take the bronze medal. Another great team title for C&C, from the team who had already won bronze in the National XC relays in the autumn.

The medals did not stop there though as Charlotte Gillard ran well to finish in a strong 4th place. Charlotte was backed up Diana Chalmers in 6th and Lucy Loughlan in 18th. This team took a well deserved 3rd team place.


U15 Boys – Could the boys equal that? In possibly his best performance in a C&C vest to date Thomas Heylen powered away from the field to take the individual title. Thomas was backed up by a great run for the silver medal between Timothy Cobden and Oliver Cantrill. Timothy came out on top to claim the silver just ahead of Oliver in bronze. Another clean sweep and another team title! As with the girls the boys continued to produce medals. Thomas Blatch finished well in 4th followed by James Tapley in 7th and Robbie Sewell in 17th to take the team bronze medal.


U17 Girls - Georgina Schweining knows only one way to run and that is to run hard from the start. Georgina eased away from the field to take the individual title and lead C&C to the team title as well. Sophie Jones ran a good race to take 6th place and she was followed home by Zoe MacDonald in 7th.

This gold medal winning team was also backed up by Faye McLelland who ran well for 8th despite a bad fall in the wooded section of the course.


U17 Men - For the first time today C&C did not take the individual title although this did not stop our boys from taking another team title! Dan Cade ran a great race to pick up the bronze medal and clearly getting better with every race he runs. Guy Kendall stuck to the task and finished strongly to finish 4th. Dan and Guy were backed up by Kieran Wood who finished fast to take 8th place. Joshua Sambrook also finished strongly well to take 13th.


SENIOR MEN & UNDER 20 MEN - C&C had taken every team title up to the men’s race so the pressure was really on our men to perform today and perform they did! Duncan Coombs led the team home in a very good 5th place. James Chettle finished in 8th place followed in by four of our runners who were covered by just 24 seconds. They were Kye Liddle in 13th, Noel Caroll in 15th, Jonathan Escalante-Phillips in 16th and Will MYCROFT in 17th.

Jonathan was also the second under 20 in the race so he took the silver medal for C&C

Just 9 points separated first from second in the Mens team race and it was C&C that came out on top ahead of a strong challenge from Nene Valley Harriers.

C&C also did well to have our second team finish in 4th place. The team was, Alan Pritchard 24th, John Ferguson 37th, John Baslington 40th, Matt Applegate 43rd, Andrew Shields 46th and Paul Nelson 48th.

C&C also had David Pettit in 53rd, Christof Schweining 73rd, Steven Thoday 89th, David Mail 94th, Glyn Smith 98th, Richard Lyle 103rd and Daniel Bayles in 109th.

C&C Vet 40 men ran very well to take the team silver medal.


SENIOR WOMEN & UNDER 20 WOMEN - Another individual title for C&C with Alice Sharpe taking the title in the Women’s under 20 age group. Alice had nearly 2 minutes to spare over her nearest under 20 rival.

In the senior team competition C&C packed well to take the team silver medal. They were Madeline Boardman in 6th, Alice Sharpe in overall 7th and a fast finishing Caroline Pritchard in 8th.

The second team finished in a good 4th place overall and they were, Helen Grant in 12th place which was good enough for her to claim her first county individual title in the Vet 45 category, Tracey Patmore in 13th and Alison Wilson in 22nd. Diana Braverman stormed home in 33rd place to take the over 55 vet category individual title.

Many thanks to all those who came along to support - coaches (Mark & Hilary Vogel), club officials (Noel & John Jeffries), parents, family and fellow athletes. Your support was greatly appreciated.

Full results.


Ryston GP Race 3 - Sunday 18th December

Another successful day for the junior members of the club at Shouldham Warren. Amy Chalmers and Finn Barnes all taking the title for their respective age groups with others taking second and third place positions. You can see from the results table below that most are maintaining or improving their times despite a busy training and race schedule. The first half of this Grand Prix series has provided great practice for the forthcoming club and school championships. Having posted three times it's unlikely that these busy juniors will run many more this season. It was good to see Faye McLellan and Dan Cade running the senior distance of 6.5K - the longest one for them in the series. The star of the day in the 6.5K senior event was Mary Holmes taking second in the FV55 category. All those weeks of practice at the 5K Parkrun must be paying off. It was good to see Rich back in action after several weeks sidelined by injury. This time he had Gerald Meah and Paul Lange to chase. Both finished within seconds of each other. This marks the half way point in the series. The seniors will run the three distances again in the New Year. To be eligible for the overall competition athletes need to post a time for each of the distances.

Full results.


Tour de Gogs Stage 5 - Saturday 17th December

No dusting of snow but plenty of Christmas cheer from gobsmacked spectators as they stopped to admire the 10 hardy souls who ventured up and down the hills of the Christmas Magog Mountain Challenge. Many thanks go to Rich, Alan B and the Pritchard boys (junior & senior) for helping with the time keeping and marshaling. Ellie & Whisper, fresh from their dog training course, practised "sitting" to Alan's commands as Hugo (Simon's dog) romped by. John Oakes and Carla Brown easily claimed the titles of King & Queen of the Mountains. What's more John improved on his age grading from the previous (flatter) stage and Carla had already run the Parkrun that morning! Diana, the comfortable leader of the Ladies Tour, will agree that she "just got round" today after a hectic Autumn racing season. Paul Nelson, said he knew his King of the Mountain title was lost as soon as he saw John arrive. Undeterred he strode ahead taking one minute off his previous time to take the Yellow Jersey for the Men. This time Simon was let down by his dog who stopped for two pit stops! This meant Maria just out ran him on age-grading. It was also good to see cross country devotees Caz, Glyn S. and Andrew W. out there along with youngster Tom Ridgeon of whom there's going to be much more to come.

Full results for the whole Tour.


Frostbite Series Race 3 - Sunday 11th December

Another great day for C & C with a clean sweep for the juniors and seniors. The individual results for the juniors and seniors from all three races are compiled in the table below.

Full results.


Sunday League Match 3 - Sunday 11th December

The Bravermans braved it at this month's match at Cassiobury Park, Watford. Here's a race report by Diana ...

Terry and I were the only C&C competitors at Cassiobury Park in the third Sunday League fixture. There was a large field of runners and they made an impressive sight, multicoloured club tops wending their way through the trees in the park. The 5.6 mile course was challenging. An initial loop around the park and over the Grand Union Canal was followed by two undulating loops in the woods, with a couple of very steep ascents (and accompanying descents). The race ended with the same parkland loop and a subtle, unwelcome climb through trees to the finish. We were both happy with our run, and it was good to see Terry in C&C colours once again!! Come and join us at Digswell (tracks and mud) and Royston (hills).

265 finishers, 1st man 31:42, 1st woman 38:06

216th Diana Braverman 50:28 (60th woman)

250th Terry Braverman 56:16 (168th man)


Tour de Gogs Stage 4 - Saturday 3rd December

Yet another day of perfect weather conditions for the 11 members who ventured to Wandlebury CP to run stage 1 in reverse. Once again thanks go to Rich Lyle for timekeeping and it was good to see Alan Baldock back in action as an energetic marshal. No doubt both would still prefer to be running. It was good to see John Oakes venturing off the road and he still managed to clock in with the first 80% of the Tour. He said he found the course "hard". "Hard" when you run it that pace! Chasing John from behind was Tour leader Diana B. who raised her game to 78%. She said she found the course easier this way round. On the other hand, King of the Mountains, Paul N., claimed this "cheeky course" was tougher than the previous hilly one. Less downhill and opportunity to rest was given as his explanation. There were other competitions within the competition: Haynes junior (Matthew) out sprinting Hayne senior (Peter) on the finish line, those that ran stage 1 trying to beat their previous time and Paul R. doing a double bill with the Parkrun in the morning. With one stage to go, this is when it gets interesting. Check out the Overall Results (coming shortly) to see who is in contention to win the Tour / Club Cross Country Challenge 2011. If you have run two stages or want to better your chances come along to the final stage, the "Christmas Magog Mountain Challenge" on Saturday 17th December. The King of the Mountains plans to defend his title.

Note: age graded using the Run Cambridge Performance Calculator for the average Garmin reading of 4.70 miles.

Full results.

Eastern Cross Country Championships - Sunday 27th November

A great day for the club. Our athletes were supported by their parents, Hilary Vogel and Mark Vile who very kindly agreed to be Team Manager of the day, Here's his report:

It is fair to say that C&C dominated this years Eastern x-country championships. We won 3 team titles and finished second in two others. There was also a host of individual medals.

U13 girls

This was the race of the day for C&C as we filled the first 3 places. It was very close all the way to the finish with Amy Chalmers coming out on top with a fine performance to take her first Championship win in C&C colours. Amy was chased all the way home by Alice Newcombe in second who finished only 4 seconds behind the winner. Emma Schaertlin-Caffey took third place with a very strong performance which also secured the team title. C&C also took the team Bronze medals with very good performances from Lauren Murphy in 5th, Sarah Brunton 12th and Emily Gillard 13th.

U13 boys

In a strong field Finn Barnes ran very well to take 5th place and was followed home by another good performance from Robert Brunton in 14th.

U15 girls

Again our girls dominated this age group taking both the Gold and Silver team medals. All our 6 runners finished in the 15 places which was a great sight to see. First in for C&C was a great run from Claire Wilson who powered her way to second place. Claire was followed by Charlotte Tara-Murphy in third with Hollie Parker in fourth. These three easily took the team title. Charlotte Gillard ran well to lead home our second team in 10th place and she was followed in by Diana Chalmers and Katie Scholey in 12th and 15th respectfully.

U15 boys

Thomas Heylan was our only runner in this age group and ran very well to take 4th place. Thomas was only 5 seconds away from a medal and with another year left in this age group he is a great prospect for next year.

U17 girls

Another team title for C&C. A fine run by Zoe MacDonald gave her second overall and was very close to winning the title finishing just 4 seconds behind the winner. Zoe was followed home by Hattie Algar in 4th place who was herself only 8 seconds from a medal position. Faye McLellan ran well to be our third runner home in 11th to help her team mates take the title.

U17 mens

A very strong field took park in this age group. Guy Kendal ran well to finish in 12th place and was followed home by Kieran Wood in 16th. Both these runners will be in this age group next year so watch this space!

Senior Women

This was the surprise of the day for C&C. With only three women running for C&C and with a combined age of 180! Yes that's 180! They claimed a fantastic Silver in the team race. First home was our captain Helen Grant in 5th overall and second in the V45 category. Helen was followed home by Diana Braverman in 8th place and Mary Holmes in 11th. This result is even better when you take into account that Diana is 60 years young and Mary is 75! Although of course they both look much younger! I will leave it the the mathematicians to work out Helen's age. Well done ladies.

It was a great day and a pleasure to be part of it.

A big thank you to all that came along to support.


U13 Girls 3K (17 finishers)

1st Amy Chalmers 11:37

2nd Alice Newcombe 11:41

3rd Emma Schaertliln-Coffey 11:57

5th Lauren Murphy 12:21

12th Sarah Brunton 13:30

13th Emily Gillard 13:54

U13 Boys 3K (16 finishers)

5th Finn Barnes 11:33

14th Robert Brunton 14:53

U15 Girls 4K (31 finishers)

2nd Claire Wilson 14:45

3rd Charlotte-Tara Murphy 14:56

4th Hollie Parker 15:16

10th Charlotte Gillard 15:55

12th Diana Chalmers 16:22

15th Katie Scholey 16:33

U15 Boys 4K (15 finishers)

4th Thomas Heylan 14:04

U17 Women 6K (12 finishers)

2nd Zoe MacDonald 23:45

4th Hattie Algar 24:11

11th Faye McLellan 26:53

U17 Men 6K (24 finishers)

12th Guy Kendall 20:57

16th Kieran Wood 21:14

Senior & Vet. Women 6K (11 finishers)

5th Helen Grant 24:34 2nd FV45

8th Diana Braverman 28:22 3rd FV45 & 1st FV60

10th Mary Holmes 32:19 4th FV45 & 1st FV75


Tour de Gogs Stage 3 - Saturday 19th November

Once again we had perfect weather conditions for this "Mountain" Stage. 9 club members took up the challenge of the hills at Magog Downs Dog Park. The one mile course to be ran out and back and out and back again caused some confusion. This goes to prove how grateful we runners are for marshallls when we push ourselves beyong the bounds of common sense! Many thanks go to Rich Lyle, Diana Braverman and Maria Brightwell for trying to keep us right. All ran enough hills and most ran the full course even if not in the planned order. If anyone was to blame - it was the Brightwell's dog for leading Simon astray! Seriously, one more marshall should have done it.

Here's the WAVA age-graded results for the Garmin recorded distance of 4.54 miles. Those that ran the correct course are marked *. Most ran 4.47 miles and have been awarded an age grade for that distance. Awarding King of the Mountian was tricky with so much confusion. Paul Nelson posted the fastest time just 3 seconds ahead of Simon who could claim he lost a few seconds trying to figure out which way to go. On the other hand Paul started half a lap late and added the extra mile at the end. As the planned course seemed popular as a good hill workout, I propose that it should be re-run as the final stage of the Tour on Saturday 17th November with four marshalls. I'm happy to volunteer myself as the marshall at the point of confusion. All those who didn't get the opportunity to run can have go at the "Christmas Magog Mountain Challenge". Remember it's a 2pm start to be followed by festive refreshments.

Full results.

Ryston Grand Prix Race 2 - Sunday 13th November

Once again a beautiful day to run on the trails in Shouldham Warren. Five seniors completed the hilly 9K course which had more finishers than the 5K last month. Glyn Smith said he was pleased to be back on the country and spent the whole course trying to chase newcomer Rich. Rich improved his performance on the trails despite setting a PB at the Parkrun the previous day. Jen Richardson came back for more hills after her sterling performance at Ampthill. She, like Alison Wilson, were not feeling great but did the best they could on the day. Once again Mary ran a tremendously well paced run demonstrating to the youngsters how you sprint for the finish line. Helen ran a strong race but had to contend with ladies from the dominant team of the eastern counties - City of Norwich. When you see those red and yellow vests on the start line you know you're in for a fast one.

This league makes for a great family day out. Here's Mark Vile's report for our very succesful junior team.

This season's second running of the Ryston x-country league provided 3 win's and numerous PBs for this course. We will start our report with a fine 3rd place for DanCade in the U17 men's event. This was Dan's first attempt at this venue and I am sure it will not be his last! Charlotte Murphy won the U15 girls race with an excellent PB of 10min 44 secs and at the same time giving Finn Barnes (see Finn's result below) a scare running him close all the way. At the first race this year we filled the first 3 places in this age group but this time we went one better and filled the first 4 places! Second over the line was Claire Wilson followed by Diana Chalmers and, running in her first Ryston race, 4th was Katie Scholey. Today showed us all again that our U15 girls team are the strongest in the region. Finn Barnes stormed home for a good victory in the U13 boys age group, his winning margin was 25 secs. Alice Newcombe ran a superb time of 11min 25secs for the 3k course to win for the first time in the U13 girls age group. Alice was closely followed by Amy Chalmers in 2nd place and Lauren Murphy in 5th. All 3 girls ran PBs for this course. Sorcha Barnes was a fine 7th place in the under 11 girls race. Another good turn for the youngsters at C&C. Keep up the good work.

The Ryston organisers are pleased to see C & C supporting this event. They would like to encourage more to come along to the medium one lap course of 6.5K next month.

Full results.

Frostbite Series Race 2 - Sunday 6th November

Another very successful day out for the senior and junior teams at Bushfield. Both teams retained their pole position and increased their lead. The more experienced juniors all finished within the top 30 of 172 finishers despite running on tired legs from the National Cross Country Relays the previous day. It was also good to see young Sorcha Barnes having a go and finishing strongly. The senior event is always popular. The fast, flat 5 mile course, more of a road race than cross country, had 515 finishers all under the hour. Newcomers Sullivan and Anke helped score valuable team points whilst regulars posted much sort after fast times and high WAVA age-grading %. It was good to see young Faye McLellan, U17W, having a go at the longer event and those recovering from injury, illness and fast marathons back in action. Come back for more next month. If wet, Hinchingbrooke Park, Huntingdon provides everything from mud to pavement.

Full results.

National Cross Country Relays - Saturday 5th November

An historic day for the juniors with the U15 girls bringing home the bronze medal, less than 2 seconds away from silver. Lots of great individual performances by all the boys and girls who ran. Pity a couple of teams were incomplete. Great to see C & C rising to the top of the National ranks.

Detailed race report by Mark Vile.

Full results.


Tour de Gogs Stage 2 - Saturday 29th October

5 club members enjoyed perfect weather conditions for the second stage. Rich Lyle and Caz Pritchard very kindly volunteered to marshall and timekeep and the official start and finish whistle was handled by the junior Pritchards, Joe and Zak. Before the start the Tour leaders, Diana and Steve, were awarded the yellow jerseys. The one loop course down the Roman Road, around Wandlebury CP and back up the Roman Road proved faster than the first stage. Those who ran both improved upon their age grade percentage despite it being slighlty longer (5.09mi). The next stage will be held at 2pm on Saturday 19th November. This is the "mountain" stage. Thanks to a suggestion from Dave Edwards, and in keeping with the spirit of the Tour de France, the winners of this stage will be awarded King and Queen of the Mountians. If you like hills - see you there.

Full results.

Sunday League Match 1 - Sunday 23rd October

Two members of the club ventured south to Broxbourne to take part in the first match of the season. Diana Braverman reported it was a three lap undulating parkland course and although it didn't look too challenging, it told on you by the time you got to the last lap. This is still a growing league with high quality competition at the front and plenty of slower plodders at the back. Definitely suitable for all comers. Nice dry day and very enjoyable. We just need more C&C runners out!!

298 finishers, 1st man 27:18, 1st woman 31:12

44th John Kazer 32:10

222nd Diana Braverman 42:48 (2nd FV55)


Ampthill Trophy - Sunday 23rd October

This was a very successful day out for the 6 seniors and 2 juniors who ventured along to attempt the hills of Flitwick. First off were Finn and Scorcha Barnes who both ran extremely well in the 2K junior race. Finn won this event in 7:42, helped around the one lap course by the U15 and U17's who continued on for another lap. The senior race was not the advertised EVAC CC Champs which meant everyone had to run the whole 8K. Last minute, young Jon Escalante-Phillips rallied enough club members to make a very successful men's team and mixed team. Mike Salt had a tremendous run, taking home the silver men's open medal. He claimed it's taken him 25 years to get a medal here! Jon took home the gold for the MU20 and Andrew Whittle had a great run bringing the team home in an easy first place - with only three runners. The ladies all ran well enough to make C & C third mix team overall. Helen took the gold in the FV45. Jen Richardson surprised herself with finishing strongly on the hills. And the best performance of the day must go to Mary Holmes, running 8K of hills in under an hour. Well under - 54:20! Mary was only expecting to run 4K in the Vet Champs but took it all in her stride. Hope to see more of you out there next year.

Juniors (2K) - 52 finishers

1st Finn Barnes 7:42 (1st MU13)

35th Sorcha Barnes 10:53 (6th FU11)

Seniors (8K) - 219 finishers

2nd Michael Salt 30:29

4th Jonathan Escalante-Phillips 32:07 (1st MU20)

15th Andrew Whittle 34:10 (13th)

62nd Helen Grant 39:21 (6th / 1st FV45)

188th Jen Richardson 53:29 (51st)

193rd Mary Holmes 54:20 (53rd / 1st FV75)


Tour de Gogs Stage 1 - Saturday 15th October

11 club members enjoyed perfect weather conditions for the first stage of this Club Cross Country Challenge. It was great to see long standing members rubbing shoulders with newcomers on the start line. Andrew Shields and Rich Lyle, both members of the newly formed Endurance Committee, very kindly volunteered to marshall and timekeep. The challenging two loop course proved great practice for the up coming cross country events. Apologies for it not being quite the advertised 5mi. But 4.66mi certainly felt far enough after the gradual but long uphill finish. As threatened the finish times were age-graded. This gave some surprising results - especially for the ladies who all out ran the men. So guys if you would like an official excuse to chase women, come along to the next stage. Saturday 29th October starting 2pm at the northern end of the Roman Road, Fulbourne Road.

Full results.

Ryston Grand Prix Race 1 - Sunday 9th October

A good day out for the C & C members who ventured north to run in the forest at Shouldham Warren. It was very much a family affair with some sterling performances by the juniors. The U13 and U15 boys and girls 3K races were combined. This was of benefit to the C & C girls who came flying in one after another behind a strong finishing Finn Barnes. This bodes well for a strong performance in the upcoming National Cross Country Relay Championships. It was great to see some of the younger brothers and sisters having a go and also finishing fast at the front of larger fields. On this occasion the seniors raced over 5K - an undulating but fast, downhill finish course. The juniors will race over the same distance next month whereas the seniors will run a challanging 9K.

Full results.

Frostbite Series Race 1 - Sunday 2nd October

An excellent turn out and set of performances for the first cross country event of the year at Priory Park, St Neots. Thomas Heylen and Hollie Parker lead the junior team home in first place. All eight representatives of the club ran well over 1.5 miles to finish within the top 60 of 153 finishers. In the senior 5 mile race, Kye Liddle and Katie Sherwood brought the team home in first place in unusually hot and sweaty conditions. With 32 representatives out there friendly rivalary between members lead to more competitive performances. Well done and come back next month.

Full results.

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