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C&C has set up a trust with the mission, objectives and criteria set out below and for individuals and organisations which meet the criteria described there. Grants will normally be for relatively small amounts - the Trust does not have a big budget. If you meet the criteria described below and would like to apply for a grant, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mission Statement

  1. To encourage the development of athletics in the Cambridge, South Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.
  2. To encourage the involvement of the public from all social and ethnic backgrounds in athletics as defined by the UK National Governing Body for Athletics.
  3. To assist athletes in need.
  4. To assist in the development of coaches by actively servicing their needs in relation to the development of athletic talent.
  5. To assist in the provision of athletic equipment to the highest safety standards.
  6. To assist in the improvement of existing athletic equipment particularly with reference to safety.
  7. To raise general awareness of athletics as defined above, by organising publicity, events and exhibitions.

Charitable Objects

  1. To advance for the benefit of the public in the Cambridge, South Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas, the development of character, mind, mental coordination, self discipline and physical fitness through the organisation or provision (or assistance in the organisation or provision) of equipment which will encourage and enable such people to participate in athletics as defined above.
  2. In the interests of social welfare to organise or provide (or assist in the organisation or provision of) equipment for participation in athletics, as defined above, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the persons for whom the equipment is primarily intended and either: (a) those persons have need by reason of their disablement, poverty or social and economic circumstances; or (b) the equipment to be available to members of the public at large through membership of an open club affiliated to the UK National Body.
  3. For public purpose beneficial to the community to promote, encourage, provide, enhance or maintain the safety of equipment in the defined area where athletics, as defined above, takes place.
  4. Such other objects and purposes in the defined area being objects and purposes which are exclusively charitable in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

Area of Benefit and Operation

Individuals who benefit must be permanently resident (as defined by the National Governing Body for Athletics) in Cambridge or South Cambridgeshire, or hold First Claim membership with an open club providing support for a wide range of athletic activities and having affiliation to the UK National Governing Body for Athletics. The Club's headquarters must be within a three mile radius of Great St. Mary’s Church, Cambridge.

Mode of Operation

  1. Make grants (including loans of money or equipment) to individuals
  2. Make grants (including loans of money or equipment) to organisations (such as athletic clubs, schools)


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  • European Under 18 3000m champion +

    Thomas Keen has become the 2018 European 3000m under 18 Champion. Congratulations to him and his coaches.

  • YA club challenge +

    Results of the Young athletes challenge 24th June 2018 click here

  • English Schools 2017 +

    Congratulations to our English Schools medallists. Thomas Keen (U17M 3000m), Julia Paternain (U20W 3000m) and Adelaide Omitowoju (U17W Triplejump) all took gold, and Stephanie Browne took silver in U15Girls Hammer. Unlucky Jordan Wood was 4th in the U20Mens steeplechase.

    C&C had 16 competitors in the Cambridgeshire team and one in the Bedfordshire team.

  • Cardiac screening +

    Unexpected cardiac problems have the potential to affect all athletes.  Screening is now available.  For details follow this link.

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Map for directions to track

Use our interactive map for directions to the track and sports centre, click here.

For sports centre parking - click here. Car parks 6 and 7 require a parking pass,

Car park 8 is now open from 4pm daily and all weekends.

Important Notices

Note: The last indoor Young athletes session will be Monday 11th February, then a week off for half-term and then starting again outdoors on Monday 25th February. Unless you have been told otherwise, all U13s and U15s should arrive for the 6:30pm session.

The 2018 AGM was held on Tuesday 27th November and the draft minutes are here including the chair's report - Please read if you weren't able to attend. The accounts to end March 2018 were presented and the decision to keep subs unchanged for 2019 was explained.

If you subscribe to anti-spam protection, please ensure that it doesn't block e-mails from club administrators, info  @cambridgeandcoleridge.org.uk, or membership @cambridgeandcoleridge.org.uk, or club team managers, or you may miss important C&C information.

The track and field results and latest ranking lists are on the T&F results page and are updated weekly when possible.


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